How to knit mat
How to knit mat

Believe or not first thing your guest see when they come to you is your mat on the door if you want to nice welcome for your guest you had better use doormat. For example, knitted rugs will show how much you care about your home and you try to create new accessories for your home. Of course, we do not only use mat outside the door we use bath mat which prevents us slip and falls at the bath or if you making yoga you need to mat again. In my opinion, knitted yoga mat will be more comfortable than another ordinary yoga mat.

How to knit rug | Video Tutorial

Accessories for your Home

Knitted rug  desing for your home
Knitted rug desing for your home

Mats could be used for decorating your home you can put mat every door entrance especially knitted rugs provide you very soft step and if you do not wear home slipper it also protects your foot from cold marble or faience. Especially bath mat could save your life and protect you from an unexpected accident. As you know wet flor always like ice rink you can easily slip and fall so you better to use a knitted ath rug.

Welcome Rugs

Welcome RugsĀ are the first thing your guest see you can make your own welcome mats for making your guest simile there are so many creative an funny rug pattern you can easily make it.