Knitting Patterns for Beginners
Knitting Patterns for Beginners

These easy knitting patterns are adorable for beginners. You can create a awesome knitted item regardless yo ur skill level.

We have been sharing free knitting patterns for more than a year. If you’ve taken a new step into the world of knitting, your path must have passed from here. We continue to prepare easy knitting patterns for beginners, bringing together hundreds of impressive and easy knitting patterns for you. Thanks to Nako for these great patterns.

If you are looking for easy knit hat patterns for beginners or looking for easy scarf knitting patterns, we’ve put together many free knitting patterns for you.

Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners, 100+ Knit Patterns

Is there a special day coming soon, a birthday? In our opinion the most impressive gifts are those that have been given labor. Did you look at the knitting techniques in we website? You can start knitting in a short time and make your own gift. Some easy knitting patterns are needed for this. We have compiled many easy knitting patterns for you.

Looking for a new knitting project? You have come to the right place. Welcome to our exclusive and expanding archive of free patterns. All Free Knitting Pattern in here!

Sweater Knitting Patterns

Knit Sweater for women by Nako

In the past year, knit sweater patterns were most searched. We have presented many modern and vintage sweater designs for women. One of the biggest delusion in knitting is that the beginners should not start with a sweater pattern. It is possible to knit wonderful sweaters with easy sweater patterns.

With free knit sweater patterns, it is possible to knit any size and different designs. With printable patterns you can create great jumpers without difficulty.

Crop Top Sweater Knitting Pattern

Men’s Slim Fit Sweater Knitting Pattern

Turtleneck Knit Sweater Knitting Pattern

Free women’s sweater knitting pattern: ‘Modern’

Easy Cropped Sweater Knitting Pattern

Pure wool sweater easy knitting pattern

Easy Knitted Sweater Pattern for Women

Free Knitted Blouse Sweater Patterns

Fisherman’s Rib Jumper Pattern

Easy Waistcoat Knitting Pattern

Baby, Kids Knitting Patterns

Simple Baby Tunic

From knitting baby shoes to knitted hats, baby blankets to baby sleeping bags, there are many knitting patterns.

Are you expecting a baby or looking for a gift for your friend’s baby? We have an offer: Do it an yourself. Baby or kid’s knitting are both easy and fun. You can start with kid’s knitting patterns for beginners. We’ve compiled knit baby hats, knit shoes or a vest… We’ve compiled many easy baby knitting patterns for you, make your choice.

The best 15 knit baby blankets of the week

Best 15 knit baby booties patterns of the week

Free baby girls cardigan knitting pattern

Easy baby tunic knitting patterns

Free Knit Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag Pattern

Wonderfull knitted vest for baby girls

Free Romper Knitting Pattern For Baby

Knitted Baby Sleeping Bag

Free Baby Booties Knitted Pattern

Easy children sweater knitting pattern for beginners

Easy child’s vest pattern

Free Child’s Easy Sweater Knit Pattern

Children’s Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Dream

Popcorn baby sweater knitting pattern

Free easy baby cardigan knitting pattern

Children’s Hooded Cardigan Pattern

Cardigan Knitting Patterns

Free knit cardigan pattern -Spring

Long, cropped, collar and more knit cardigan pattern here we shared. You will find many free cardigan knitting patterns here; options available for easy, medium and advanced level. I’m sure any of these patterns are right for you.

You won’t spend a lot of time knitting cardigans because we offer easy cardigan patterns for beginners. We have compiled some of the many printable knitting patterns on our website for you.

Men’s Irish Cardigan

Free Classics Men’s Cardigan

Easy Cardigan Knitting Patterns for beginners

Easy Cardigan Pattern for Women

Collared Cardigan Knitting Pattern for Men

Long Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Cool cardigan knitting pattern for women

Free Knitted Cardigan Pattern for Men: Vintage Cardigan Pattern

Free Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Spring

Easy Knit Cardigan Pattern: Paris

Scarf Knitting Patterns

Free knitting patterns for scarves and cowls

Knitted scarves for women and men are among the favorite knitting accessories of the cold season. Perhaps this is why many knitters’ favorite work is scarf knitting. We’ve shared the easy scarf knitting pattern before. The most popular knitting patterns for beginners are scarves patterns.

In this section, we have compiled some scarf patterns that we have previously included in our blog. There are many free knitting patterns such as cable knitted, combo scarf hat, afghana knitting and many more…

Scarf Vest Knitting Pattern

Boho Scarf Knitting Pattern

Free Scarf And Beanie Knitting Pattern For Women

Men’s Winter Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern

Best Crochet Scarf Pattern for women

Easy Knitting Scarf Patterns


  1. Hi, I love your patterns, and it is really kind of you to offer them free. However I would like to make the purple baby/child’s coat on your page, I cannot find the pattern, I am more than happy to pay?
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  2. HI, I am also looking for the purple coat pattern on your page. Please can you direct me to where i can download it. Thank you.