Free knitted blouse pattern
Free knitted blouse pattern

Knitted Blouses are the main dress of women which always preferred from by women who want to be both comfortable and elegant. There is so many types of blouse different color or different type. If you want to knit your own blouse we have so many blouse pattern. Moreover, it is not a hard thing to knit sweater if you could find easily knitting blouse pattern free. After you knit you blouse you will apart from other women with your appearance.

Kind of Blouses

Sleeveless Blouse Pattern
Sleeveless Blouse Pattern

As I mention you can find so much knitting blouse pattern and different kind of blouse you can choose and start to knit it. Blouse pattern easily available and free but it is the hard thing to choose the correct type of blouse before start to knit it. I suggest you at first peasant blouse pattern if you are a beginner on knitting it will be easy to do at the first step. You can try to knit it after like peasant blouse pattern. If you do not like peasant blouse you can prefer sleeveless blouse pattern.

How to knit easy knitting blouse

Free Knitting Blouse Pattern

Short Sleeves Blouse Pattern
Short Sleeves Blouse Pattern

Short Sleeveless Lace Top knitted pattern for free.

Work level: Intermediate.
Measurement of the finished bust: 36 (40, 44, 48, 52) inches.

Superb top for ladies knitting with a front lace panel. Looks great on cotton, makes a nice summer knit

As Gift Blouses

Knit Nice Blouse Pattern
Chunky Knit Blouse Pattern

Every woman would love to wear blouses if you are looking for a gift for any girlfriend you can give them blouses they will be so happy if you knit them blouses they will understand how much you care and love them. It is a very good gift for your friend try it and see how much they will be happy.

FREE  A great knitted blouse pattern for women

Knitted Blouse Models


Satin Blouse Crochet Pattern

We make a ladies blouse pattern. This design is quite fashionable and fit. This blouse pattern is sleeveless and has a wide collar. 

Satin Blouse Crochet Pattern
Satin Blouse Crochet Pattern


  1. I would like to get the Short Sleeveless Lace Top knitted pattern for free. I have used the search and it brings me to Knit Blouse Patterns and shows the pattern, but I cannot access this pattern. Is it still available.

  2. I would like that beautiful blue chunky knit blouse pattern please that opens all of your sites. I have been unable to find it. Thank you

  3. Appreciate it if you could let me know how to get ‘Chunky Knit Blouse Pattern’ (shown in blue with model knitting in white.) Many thanks for your help.

  4. Hi there, I’m also looking for the chunky knit blouse pattern, which is shown on a blonde model who’s knitting. Please let me know were to find it.

  5. Hi I have tried and tried to get to the pattern for the sleeveless blouse pattern (second picture at the top) and for the knit peasant blouse (green one with the ribbons). I have used the search to no avail, trolled the archive and even tried changing the url to put the pattern name in, but just can’t find where to access them. Could you please point me to them as I would love to do these projects.