Easy Knit Cardigan Pattern: Paris

Free Knit Cardigan Pattern by Nako
Free Knit Cardigan Pattern by Nako

A nice cardigan design for women who always seem to look stylish: Paris Knit Cardigan Pattern. This pattern was prepared by Nako Yarns and redesigned by Jessica Los. For this pattern which is easy to knit at the beginning level; you just need yarn(Nako Paris 6383 and Nako Paris 5408), number 4 needle and 4 buttons. Good luck.


Paris Cardigan Model by Nako
Paris Cardigan Model by Nako


  • : Easy
  • : 4
  • : 36-38
  • : 4 buttons
  • : Spring, Autumn, Winter

    Yarns used in this model


ROW 1-) 116 stitches with color number 6383 yarns are started. After 3 cm 1 + 1 rib stitch* is made, knit stitch with number 5408 color yarn is passed.

ROW 2-) After 6 rows are laid, 10 rows from both sides are searched 6 times, 1 stitch is cut and 104 stitchs are deducted.

ROW 3-) When the body size is 42 cm, 3 + 2 + 1 stitches are cut from both sides by applying the cutting arm house cutting technique. Then, it is reduced to 92 stitches.

ROW 4-) When the size of the body is 58 cm, 28 stitchs for the shoulders are cut in 3 stages on both sides and the remaining 36 stitchs in the middle are cut and finished.

Chart 2
Chart 2


ROW 1-) With 6483 color yarn, 64 stitches are started and 3 cm 1 + 1 rib stitches are made. Stitchs; Starting from the front center part, with 6383 color yarn, 7 stitches are 1 + 1 rib stitches and 5408 color yarn is used for knit stitch.

ROW 2-) After 6 rows are laid, 10 stitchs are cut by the body 6 times and 1 stitch is cut and the number is reduced to 58 stitchs.

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ROW 3-) When the size of the body is 33 cm, one stitch is cut 13 times by 6 rows from the side of the stitchs knitted with elastic from the front center.

ROW 4-) At the body size 42 cm, 5 + 3 + 1 + 1 stitches are cut from one side for the arm house.

ROW 5-) 28 stitchs from 35 stitchs that are on the shoulder of body size 58 cm are cut in 3 stages, 7 stitch remaining in front center, 10 cm more 1 + 1 rib  and finished.

Knit Cardigan Pattern Diagram 2 – by Nako


ROW 1-) 46 stitches with 6383 color yarns are started. 3 cm 1 + 1 tires are woven and knit stitch is passed.

ROW 2-) The jacquard diagram starts to be applied with the 5408 numbered yarn in the first place where the knit knitting is passed.

ROW 3-) 4 rows after the elastic is knitted, 6 rows from both sides are searched for 12 times and 1 stitch is increased to reach 70 stitches.

ROW 4-) Arm size 43cm at the arm house for both sides of the 4 + 3 + 2 stitches are cut. In the next front row, one stitche is cut 6 times from both sides.

ROW 5-) It is knitted without cutting 3 cm, 3 + 3 stitchs are cut from both sides starting from the next row.

ROW 6-) Stitchs of arm length 59 cm are cut and finished.

Collar: The front 10 cm sections are sewn to the back.

Note: All rights to this design belong to Nako. It can not be used for commercial purposes.


  1. This pattern is pretty good. The arrangement is very good. I made my first purchase from Nako.
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