Rib Stitch
Rib Stitch

One of the most important knitting techniques is Rib Stitch(elastic stitching). You can use many techniques such as cardigans, sweaters, socks. Let’s learn how to make elastic parts of orginally.

Learn how to knitting this super excellent stitch! Every knit stitch that you work in depth the piece is knit in the row under, pulling that stitch up, making it extra three dimensional. This makes it a lot like brioche knitting and it even feels a little like a brioche swatch but it’s a lot easier to knit than basic brioche. This stitch would be nice for a Jessica’s style cardigan because it is extra thick, warm, and plush.

Necessary materials: 2 knitting needles, Yarns

  1. 2 stitchs are made of straight stitch, we are sinking the needle backwards according to ourselves as the needle will be behind the yarn.
  2. We are wrap the yarn from the back to the front and to the needle. Then pass the stitch in the needle.
  3. You make 2 stitches reverse stitch, We turn our yarn towards ourselves, Immerse the needle from the middle of the stitch into yourself.Then we wrap it out on the yarn.Preparing by Nako

How to Knit Elastic Stitch | Video Tutorial

A sample knit using this technique: Easy Knit Cardigan Pattern