Free Knit Pet Accessories Patterns
Free Knit Pet Accessories Patterns

Pets have been the best friend of people throughout the history even we can say when we become human the first thing we do is get a pet as helper friend. Nowadays so many people have a pet like most of them are dog and cat as we all know that our pets have fur which protects them from cold days. However, their fur sometimes does not enough to protect them alone. It is the worst thing to see your pets freezing on cold winter days when you watch outside from your warm home. Here is the solution for you knit pet clothing help your pet and keep them warm in winter days plus there are so many types of pet clothing you can knit easily.

Lovely Friend

Most of the pet lovers say pets are more friendly and loyal than human for that reason we love so much them and we do not want to feel chilly our pets. That’s why if you know knitting and you do not want to feel cold your pet you had better-knit pet clothing for your baby.

Knit Accessories for Your Pet

Knittin Pet Headband
Knittin Pet Headband

Your cute cat or dog become cuter when we put on them lovely accessories like knit pet headband or you can knit lovely booties for your pet. There is Knit pet clothing pattern for your which you can use it to making a new cloth for your lovely friend.

Another Project: The Knitted Cat Tunnel

Knitted Cat Tunnel
Knitted Cat Tunnel / Clarice Asquith

When visiting a friend, I observed her cats diving in and out of a polyester / nylon cat tunnel. Our cats can also be found playing in enclosed spaces, especially underneath duvets and blankets.

This work was designed by Clarice Asquith. 


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