Italian Cast On – How to knit

How to make Italian Cast On Stitch
How to make Italian Cast On Stitch

This is perfect knitting technique to cast on if your project starts with the ribbing. It creates a seamless flexible edge that looks very polished and professional.


1. Prepare the tail of yarn three times longer than the length of the future edge. Holding both ends of yarn in your left hand, separate them with the index finger and the thumb.

2. Take the needle and place it over the bar between your fingers. Make the first stitch, moving the needle down, to the left, and up, scooping the yarn.

3. Move the needle over the upper strand of yarn; then under and over the bottom strand, scooping it on. Bring the needle under the upper strand all the way to the top. Second (“purl”) stitch on the needle.

4. Move the needle over and under the bottom strand then through the middle gap. Bring the needle over and under the upper strand, scooping it on. Move the needle under and over the bottom strand. Third (“knit”) stitch on the needle. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the desired number of sts minus 1.

5. Scoop the yarn from your thumb, creating a loop around the needle. This will secure the cast on and add the final stitch to the stitch count.


  1. Could you please tell me how to print your patterns? I really want to do the knitted baby tunic for my great grand nieces. Thank you