All over the world, knitting for something is an easy way to let off steam. Due to become popular, knitting pattern has so many styles and easily finding, knitting is the first preferred daily garment. Due to too many knitting patterns, people choose suitable what they want. Especially the favorite knitting hat is the beanie hat. Especially in winter cold days is inevitable wearing knitted hats. If you want to knit your own hat, here you can find a hat pattern.

Required Materials for Knit Beanie

Required Materials for Knit Beanie
Required Materials for Knit Beanie

The first thing when you begin is choosing your favorite pattern. Then buy a knitting needle (3.5 mm). If you want to knit black beanie hat, buy a black worsted yarn, darner and scissors. With some techniques has required in the following description.

Making Progress

You should start knitting your black beanie hat with 85 stitches and keep going knitting 46 rows. In this way, you will create base structure of your hat. You should continue with purl style. But if you wish you can also choose the flat style as your decision. You can modify as you like your knitting pattern, and finish your knitting when it reaches the perfect size and weight. It is all your decision.

Free Supper Bubble Knit Beanie Pattern

Knit Supper Bubble Beanie Pattern
Knit Supper Bubble Beanie Pattern

For this beanie, I used a so so thick thread, at the limit of jumbo thickness. If you just have bulky weights available, I would suggest keep two yarn together. For more information, see the “Super bubble” PDF document.

Thank you so much Carrie M. Chambers

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Knit Beanie Models

Great Knit beanie hat pattern
Great Knit hat pattern
Green knit beanie pattern
Green knit beanie pattern
Knit beanie for men
Knit hat for men
Pink Knit Beanie Pattern
Pink Knit hat Pattern


  1. I have searched your site for the free Knit Supper Bubble Beanie Pattern. I cannot find it anywhere. I am a beginner and would love to make this beanie but the pattern is nowhere to be found.