Crochet long jacket with hexagonal motif

Crochet cardigan with hexagonal motif

I’m going to share a crochet pattern I like this week. This is a wonderful crochet jacket pattern made of hexagonal motifs. In fact, we can wear this cardigan every season, but the colors and the fact that it is a crochet can cause you to chill in winter.


st(s) – slitdrtert
dc-double crohcet
sl – slip rtitch
dctog – double crochet together
tr = treble crochet
trtog – treble crochet together
(…) – total number of sts
Yarn: Aliza Batik Yarn [Yarn (9096 cotton. 196 polyester, 280 m / 50 g) – 450 (500) grams of blue-green / beige with a gradient effect]
Crochet Hook Size: 3.0 mm
Dimensions: 36/40
Ch. end Instructions: HEXAGON

Round 0: Ch 10 and sl into a ring

Round 1: Ch3, 2dc into ring, ch2, .3dc into ring, ch2., repeat .4 more times. sl into 3rd chain to join.

Round 2: Ch3, do into same st, do into next st, 2dctog into 3rd st. ch3, .2dctog into 1st do rt of previous row; dc into 2nd dc st of previous row; 2drtog into 3rd dc rt of previous row; sl to join.

Round 3: Chtl, tr 4 together into each previous dc st. ch3, M into ch3 space, ch 5, M into ch 3 space again, ch3, ltiatog into each previous dc st. ch3, tr into ch3 space, ch 5, tr into ch 3 space again, ch3,`, repeat 4 more limes. sl to join.
Round 4: Chi, als into previous ch3 space, rtdc, 3ch, 3drt into previous ch 5 space, 3dc into next ch3 space. dc into tr5tog st, .3dc into previous ch3 space, rtdc, 3ch, 3dcl into previous ch 5 space, 3dc into next ch3 space…, repeat 4 more limes, sl to join
Round 5: ch3, ch2, lsk 2 sts with 1 dc[ to the end. Total 36 dc including 1st ch3.

Round 6: [ch3 as do 2dc i into each previous spaces.3, ch3, 3dctog into each previous spaces.6, ch3′, repeat 4 more limes. 3dctog into each previous spaces.3, sl to join.

Round 7: ch3 as do dc irto next st, ch 2, sk2, dc, do ch2, sk2, dc, do ch3, .dc, dc, ch2, slrt, repeat 5 times; drtl, repeat 4 more times, .dc, dS ch2, stall repeat 3 times, sl to join.

Round 8: a12, ch3 as do, 3ddog into ch2 space, 4dctog into next ch2 space, l2dc, ch2, 2drt into previous ch3 space..ildrtog into next ch2 space, repeat 4 more times, Pdo ch2, 2drt into previous ch3 space.., repeat .4 more limes. 4dctog into next dig space 3 limes again, sl to join.

Round 0: chl, ch5, sc between each 4dctog space, repeat 47 times, 0103, dc to join.
Round 10: chl, rtdctog, ch2, 3dctogl into 1st ch5 space. sc into next ch5 space. rtdclog, ch2, 3d tog] into 1st ch s space.
13dctog, ch2, 3dctogl into 1st ch5 sport. sc into next ch5 space. rtdctog, ch2, 3dctogl into 1st ch5 space. sc into next ch5 space. rtdctog, ch2, 3dctogj into 1st ch5 space. sc into next ch5 space. rtdctog, ch2, 3dctogl into 1st ch5 space.. repeat 4 more times.
rtdctog, ch2, 3dctogl into 1st ch5 space. sc into next ch5 space. rtdctog, ch2, 3dctogl into 1st ch5 space. sl to join.

Round 11. 4rt, chl, sc into ch3 space, chi, 2 sc into next ch3 space, ch.’, tr between 3dflog;.ch4, sc into next ch3 space, ch7, sc into next ch3 space, ch7, sc into next ch3 space, ch7, 2 sc into next ch3 space, chtl, M between 3dctor, repeat 4 more times.

chtl, sc into next ch3 space, ch7, sc into next ch3 space, ch7, sl to finish

Chema 1
Chema 1
Chema 2
Chema 2


  1. This is a lovely jacket that I would like to make. Please would the donor explain how many motifs to make and how to join them to make a back, 2 fronts and 2 sleeves and then a jacket?

  2. I do not understand most of your abbreviations, e.g. Chi, ltiatog, Chtl, etc- they are not in you list.
    Need a lot more explanation to follow this pattern.

  3. This is truly a beautiful jacket I plan to make. Thank you for providing a graph because the directions are not easy to follow at all. I have been crocheting for well over 50 years and I can honestly say I have never seen a crochet pattern written like this. I am sure some of the abbreviations and verbage is your own personal code. Unfortunately, we are not privy to this information. Given you was born in the US and your experience is impressive, I am truly surprised by your crochet pattern writing skills which unfortunately leaves much to be desired. I appreciate your expertise, but I feel it would be much better written with accepted crochet pattern writing abbreviations and wording. I know there are no hard and fast rules, but writing the pattern in basic accepted crochet wording and abbreviations would be much appreciated. Maybe tech editing would help with this. Who knows, if someone wants to make this pattern badly enough, maybe they will learn how to read graphs. Haha Please accept this as constructive only, not malicious. Good luck to all. Blessings, Deb

  4. Terrible pattern. No instructions on how many squares to join together for the body and sleeves. Beautiful sweater; bad instructions

  5. Terrible pattern. No instructions on joining the squares or how many to make. So disappointing as it’s a lovely jacket and I was able to acquire the yarn. Now what?

    • I found multiple pins on Pinterest with this pattern, and some of them have a diagram as to how to put them together. I wanna make it as well and I’m struggling with these instructions. I think if I could figure out the sizes of the hexagon so I can wing it and just see them together. We need to research and this comes up I would hit more like this and you’ll see the other patterns. The original is in Russian I believe. I don’t remember but they do have a diagram in there, and I believe there’s an English one as well, but I can’t find it now

  6. Hello, I love this jacket, but I can ‘t find the right yarn on internet. Do jou have a picture of the yarn, number or label? Or maybe a link where I can buy the yarn?
    Thank jou!

  7. Ingrid, I found the yarn on amazon. It’s Alize batik. I ordered colour 4148 which is very close to that pictured. It’s from Turkey and took 2 weeks. However, I cannot figure out this awful pattern so I’m using it fir another project as no one answers my questions. That seems to be a common complaint! Terrible pattern.

    • Thank you very much Shirley. I haven’t read the pattern very good, but indeed it’s not good to follow. I will look at this first before I will order the yarn.

  8. Hi again Ingrid. I persevered and created a motif from the graph as the instructions are not easy to follow. I’ve made 4 so far. But the amount of yarn in the pattern will be off. One 100 gm ball made 4 – 9 inch motifs using a 3.5 hook. So I’ve ordered more yarn! Good luck everyone.

  9. I have finally completed the sweater and it looks like a sack. It was very difficult to put together and the underarm area had a point where the hexagons joined so that was a no go. I re-did the motifs for the underarms by making two 3/4 motifs so that a 90 degree join would occur, but that added other issues. The sleeves were way too long, so that had to be modified. All in all, it was a very time-consuming and frustrating project and now it just looks terrible. I don’t even have the energy to rip it all out to salvage the yarn!

    • Hi,
      I finished the sweater too, and I have to say that it takes a lot of experience to know how to adjust it because the instructions are so lacking. The underarms are a problem, and the sweater does need to be finished around the whole front, which is missing from the instructions, but is clearly visible when you blow up the photos of it. I am considering doing a youtube on making it if people are interested.

  10. I found what I believe to be the original pattern in Russian: …… And the interpretation by Craftsy Amore:….. The Craftsy Amore version is in English and more accurate.

  11. I was going to put the info for craftsy amore pattern, but I see other people have found it. It seems easier to follow. She mentions that she either got the pattern from a Russian friend, or it was written by a Russian friend. Perhaps the translation got mixed up and has caused this confusion. Either way, it’s a lovely cardigan!!

  12. Ingrid, it is my understanding that you have updated this pattern. If so, where would I find it. I agree with all the other comments that this is absolutely beautiful and I would love to make it. With that being said, I would not be happy attempting a pattern that the the instructions are confusing and would be a struggle to make. I also am unsure about the exact yarn used, I find Bella and Ombre, does it matter which one?

    • Hi Carol S Schimidt, this crochet cardigan pattern is an original pattern. It was shared by one of our visitors and we cannot offer any better for now. But he will do an update. Good luck.

  13. I am going to make a 7 sided ‘hexagon’ to wrap under the armpit area, to try to combat the obvious bulk shown in the photos, where 2x 6 sided hexes joined together clearly won’t work

  14. I have rewritten this pattern with correct crochet terms if anyone is interested. Leave a comment with your email and I will send it to you.

  15. Wow. I’ve been crocheting many years – this is not in the least understandable. What on earth is chtl? Or M into ch 3 space. Beautiful garment. Unfortunately I will not cannot make it😩

  16. I have admired this piece for quite awhile now. Reading these comments have kept me pulling the reigns on it. DOES ANYONE OR HAS ANYONE found a clear graph OR clearly written instructions for the hex, or how many to make?
    Really interested!

  17. Good Morning
    my sister has sent me this link to make her this beautiful jacket and after reading the pattern and reviews, concerned I may not be able to follow.
    Could you please forward me the updated pattern

    Much Appreciated
    Queensland , Australia

  18. I would like to have a copy of the Crochet Long Jacket with Hexagonal Motif! Thanks so much, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  19. I found the pattern on a German webpage, you can purchase it in English and in German. They also sell the fitting cotton yarn.
    Search for: schachenmayr cardigan s9488
    It is understandable but quite a lot of work and you should keep an eye on the size of the hexagons…

  20. I would love a copy of this pattern! It is beautiful. I commented before but don’t think the request went through. Thank you