Knit Swaddle Baby Blanket Pattern
Knit Swaddle Baby Blanket Pattern

The knitted baby sleeping bag is indispensable for the mothers. We prepared a handy pattern you would love very much; both the sleeping bag and the swaddle. I made a cute knit baby blanket pattern in the shape of a swaddle that would make babies comfortable. I will tell you hair braided, evil eye beaded blanket pattern. Swaddle sleeping bag is very useful. Good luck…

How to knit swaddle sleeping bag

We start with our pattern with 120 stitches. 2 purl, two straight rib stitchs with we knit three fingers wide.

Knit Baby Blanket Pattern
Knit Baby Swaddle Bag Pattern

We knit 4 straight stitch.

For hair knitting, 2 purl, 12 stitches straight, 2 purl. We knit 32 sts straight stitch. In the middle we again make “hair knitting”. We continue with 2 purl, 12 straight, 2 purl. We repeat 32 sts straight stitch.Then we make 2 reverse, 12 straight st, 2 purl to make the 3rd hair knitting.
Finally, we knit 4 stitches straight stitch and the first row ends.

When we pass through the back row, we knit the purls as purl, we knit the straight stitches as straight.

We are switching to “hair knitting”. We make 4 stitches straight, 2 purl and we start to wind “hair knitting”. Think of it as if we had twelve stitches divided into two because we will do two “hair knitting”. On the first 6 straight stitches we make “hair knitting” on the right side. And the second we don’t not make “hair knitting” on the 6 straight stitches, we straight stitch. We’ll do it in the other row.

We make 2 inverted 32 straight stitches and we do the same “hair knitting”. We do the right side first, then the left side. While there are “hair knitting” we will work in reverse as one will occur on the right and the other on the left.

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The back row is knit in the same way

In the previous order we do not touch the “hair knitting” we turn. we knit the straight stitches as straight. Then we will turn the other 6 stitches. We will turn it to the left. In this way, we have created “hair knitting”.

What is important in this model is “hair knitting” turn. We apply “hair knitting” turning every row. We finish when we reach the size we want. We sew the hat like a triangle.

Then we take the stitches from the remaining part and we knit stockinette st, and we make holes in this stockinette for the buttons.

Finally, we sew our buttons and finish our blanket.