Knit Skirt and Shawl Pattern
Knit Skirt and Shawl Pattern

We made a great knit dress combination. We offer knit skirt and shawl pattern today. The design of the cable-patterned knit skirt was highly demanded. We decided to share this wonderful pattern prepared by Nako with you. This is a difficult pattern that can will be accomplish an experienced knitting professional. This knit skirt design is unique. Please examine the chart carefully.


  • : Advanced
  • : 3.5
  • : 36-38
  • : Rekor 257 by Nako Yarns (8 balls)
  • : Autumn, Winter, Spring
Knit Skirt and Shawl Pattern
Knit Skirt and Shawl Pattern



Piece No. 1:

1- Cast on 202 stitches at waist. Set the stitches as; knit 21, purl 9, apply the diagram no. 1 onto 7 stitches (knit 3, purl 1, knit 3), purl 9, knit 2, apply the diagram no. 2 onto 24 stitches (purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6), garter stitch 24, purl 2, knit 6 (apply the diagram no. 3 onto these stitches), purl 2, garter stitch 24, apply the diagram no. 2 onto 24 stitches, knit 2, purl 9, apply the diagram no. 1 onto 7 stitches, purl 9, knit 21.

2-When body length is 45 cm, reduce 24 stitches of garter stitch to 15 stitches by decreasing 9 x 1 stitches on every row.

3- When body length is 50 cm, on every front row, finish the stitches on which the diagram no. 3 is applied by decreasing 5 x 1 stitches at both sides of 10-stitches on which the same diagram is applied.

4- When body length is 55 cm, center the garter stitches and decrease 2 stitches by taking 3 stitches in the middle together. Performing this step 15 times in total on every row, drop to 144 stitches by finishing the stitches worked as garter stitch.

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5- When body length is 67 cm, center the stitches; decrease 10 x 1 stitches at both sides of 2-stitches at the center, work 4 rows, and decrease 15 x 1 stitches at the same places on every row.

6- When body length is 102 cm, decrease 2 stitches at both ends by taking 3 stitches together for 7 times.

7- Meanwhile, center the stitches; decrease 10 x 2 stitches at both sides of 2-stitches in the center and finish by binding off the remaining 26 stitches.

8- Pick up 178 stitches onto needle from the waist part. Finish after working 9 cm of 2+2 rib.

9- Sew the places numbered no. 1 in the sketch to each other.

Knit Skirt Charts
Knit Skirt Chart 1

Piece No.2:

1- Cast on 185 stitches. Center the stitches and while working 25 stitches in the center on every row, add 80 stitches remained at both ends to 25-stitches in the center by 4 stitches each on every row and at the same time, work those 25-stitches in the center as garter stitch.

2- As 4-stitches taken from both ends on every row are increased, apply the diagrams no. 1 and no. 2.

3- When starting to work all the stitches, the diagrams as in piece no. 1 are started to be applied.

4- While performing these steps, center the stitches and decrease 70 x 1 stitches at both sides of 1-stitch at the center on every right row.

5- From the next row on, decrease 7 x 2 stitches at both ends. Finish by binding off the remaining stitches.

6- As shown in the sketch, sew the piece no. 2 to the same numbered places of the piece no. 1.

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1- For side ribs, pick up 340 stitches onto needle. Work 2 cm of 2+2 rib and decrease 74 stitches at waist.

2-Starting from the next row, decrease 3 x 5 stitches at the end of decrease on every row.

3- Finish by binding off the remaining stitches on the next row.

4- Pick up 234 stitches onto needle from the hem of the piece no. 2. Finish after working 5 cm of 2+2 rib.


1- Cast on 140 stitches from the top part. Work as knit stitch.

2- Decrease 23 x 3 stitches at both ends on every front row. On the next row, finish by binding off the remaining 2 stitches.

3- Cast on 25 stitches for side borders. Apply the diagram no. 4.

4- When knit length is 65 cm, finish by decreasing 25 x 1 stitches at one end on every row.

5- Make 1 more piece in the same way and sew them around shawl’s edges as shown in the sketch.

Knit Shawl Charts
Knit Shawl Charts

This pattern is published with Nako permission. Charts have been translated into English from the original language.


  1. I like this design very much, but I do not really know the needle number. I guess it’s based on EU metrics. Would you arrange the chart sizes according to US text. Thank you so much.

  2. I got this pttern from my pal who shared with me about this knitting patterns and now this time I am visiting this site and reading very informative technique, tutorials…