Free knit top pattern
Free knit top pattern

Summer is approaching and you’re looking for something different to wear. Do you say that knitting works is not used in summer? Here’s a great knit top design that will change your mind. How about a stretch knit top design? It has a lovely design with top, single side strap. Should not forget the flower patterns found on the shoulder straps.

You should have a some knowledge of crochet technique for the flowers embroidery found in this mold. This top knitting pattern is completely free. Don’t forget to visit our site frequently for 2019 free knitting patterns. This is a very easy top pattern for the experienced.


Ladies Top Knitting Pattern, Summer Blouse Pattern
Ladies Summer Knit Top Designed by Nako
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Related Needle Sizes: 4
  • Related Crochet Sizes:2
  • Size: 36
  • Required materials: 208 (1 Ball),10799 (4 Balls) by Nako Yarns
  • Season: Spring, Summer

How to knit top


The front and back bodies are knitted in the same way. Cast on 100 stitches. Rib 1×1 for 2 cm and change to double moss stitch. Cast off 1 stitch 6+2+2+2+13 times spacing 2 rows at one side. After casting off, knit 2 rows. Increase 1+6+5+10+10 stitches at the same side again and get 116 stitches. When the body measures 23 cm, it is changed to reverse broken rib pattern. Knit the body for 35 cm. While casting off 6+5+3 stitches at the side where it is worked increases and decreases for the armhole, cast off 58 stitches on the side together and bind off. Cast off 2 stitches 8 times in every row at both sides of remaining 44 stitches. Knit remaining 12 stitches for further 8 cm and cast off at once, and bind off.

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Apply the 14 rows of the diagram. After knitting 6 more rows repeating 14th 15th rows in the next rows, continue knitting as from 21st row and complete the pattern. Place the pattern on the circular part formed on the body and sew. Embroider picot edging around the neck and armholes.


Chain 4 with yarn color no.208 and then join the chain. Make 12 half double crochet stitches into the chain. In the next row, embroider picot edging on the half double crochets with yarn color no.10799 and bind off. Knit 3 pieces and sewn on one piece of the front body.

Chart for Top Sides / No.1
Body Diagram for Summer Top Pattern

How to knit the Indian Cross Top for Beginners / Video Tutorial

Is this pattern difficult for you? For beginners it is a different option for easy knitting top instruction. If you carefully review this video tutorial, you can knit a great top sweater.