Jean Cardigan Knitting Pattern
Jean Cardigan Knitting Pattern

We decided to share a great cardigan pattern with you. Although this cardigan looks like a jean jacket in style, it is a knitted cardigan and very ambitious. I share this pattern with you as I find it quite impressive. Such designs excite me and I immediately start researching to buy related yarns, I think many knitting lovers are just like me.

These patterns and instructions were prepared for experienced knitters. But I think you can achieve this with some support even if you are not experienced enough. I will help you as much as possible from here. How to knit this beautiful cardigan pattern? I hope these knitting instructions will work for you. Thank you for this adorable pattern shared Nako. Good luck to all …

Knitted women's cardigan that looks like Jean
Knitted women’s cardigan that looks like Jean

Materials and techniques used

Materials for this knitting jean cardigan
Materials for this knitting jean cardigan

Material: Moher Delicate Bulky 23287 (3 balls), 11859 (4 balls) by Nako Yarns

Needle No: Fish-line needle No. 8 – 10

Knitting Techniques: Knit, purl, stitch releasing, 2-color brioche stitch,
knitting technique w/ return

How to knit cardigan, intructions and charts

Step-by-step instructions for this free cardigan pattern.


Row 1; right side; 1 row of knit stitch using needle no. 8.

Row 2; wrong side; using
needle no. 10, * knit 1, yarn-over 1, and repeat after the asterisk to complete the

Row 3; right side; using needle no. 8, * knit 1, release the yarn-over stitches
from needle, and repeat after the asterisk to complete the row.
* As of the next row, repeat the rows 2 and 3.

Hooded knitted women's cardigan
Hooded knitted women’s cardigan


1- Cast on 98 stitches w/ the yarn no. 11859 using needle no. 8. Work applying the motif as; 25 stitches for front + 48 stitches for back + 25 stitches for front.

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2-In order to have front pieces in oval form; while working the stitches of back piece on every row, work 25 stitches of front piece applying the knitting tech­nique w/ returns.

3- Starting at both sides of 48 stitches for the back, apply re­turns as 5+4+4+4+4+4 stitches.

4- When body length is 20 cm for front and 26 cm for back, start working 2-color brioche stitch using needle no. 10, as the yarn no. 23287 the main color and no. 11859 the secondary one.

5- When body length is 45 cm, center and divide the stitches as 25 for front + 48 for back + 25 for front to continue knitting as three pieces. Decrease 4+2+1 stitches at arm­hole ends.

6- Decrease 4 x 1 stitches on every row + 8 x 1 stitches at every 2 rows for neck opening to drop to 6 stitches.

7- When body length is 55 cm, bind off the stitches.

Chart for Jean Cardigan
Chart for Jean Cardigan


1- Cast on 27 stitches w/ yarn no. 11859 using no. 8 needles; work 13 cm applying the motif.

2- Start working 2-color brioche stitch using needle no. 10, w/ the yarn no. 23287 as the main color, the yarn no. 11859 as the secondary one.

3- As of the first row of brioche stitch, increase 5 x 1 stitches at both ends at every other row to reach to 37 stitches. Apply 2-color brioche stitch to the increased stitches.

4- When sleeve length is 35 cm, de­crease 4+2+1 stitches at both ends for armholes.

5- As of the next row, de-crease 4 x 1 stitches at every 6 rows to drop to 11 stitches.


  1. I love this cardigan but the instructions are not very clear. I think more explicit instructions are needed or a video showing step by step to complete. Also it appeared on an American website and the terms are not familiar. However, I did think I figured out the meaning of fish-line needles (circular needles?). Trying to figure out what is meant makes it that much harder and less enjoyable to make.

  2. Hello. I’m Barbara and I am confused. LOL. I love your cardigan “looks like jeans” but am having trouble following instructions. I am unfamiliar with the term “returns”. Also do not understand forming the oval front edge in Step 2 or what I am trying to accomplish in Step 3. I apologize as I think this may be a language problem.

  3. Love this cardigan but agree with others could you please explain/make the instructions clearer or show video demonstrating instructions. Thank you

  4. This sweater is lovely but as others stated, the directions are beyond challenging. My mom is knitting it and i have helped her twice now. #1… the “motif” section alone, the needle size is wrong per row, and one row is a knit, the second is a pearl…….then it will look like the picture that presents with a stocking stitch looking pattern.

    #2….the increases and decreases need a better explanation…….what is 4+2+1?

    You don’t need to be an intermediate knitter, but rather a mind reader……..just saying

  5. I agree with previous comments that it is a beautiful cardigan, but the instructions is not clear at all. I have tried several attempts on the motif several times for the light blue part of the cardigan, but it does not look like the picture at all. Is their a clearer explanation for the stitch patterns used.
    It also appears that the cardigan has a hoodie, but the instructions does not have a hoodie pattern in it.
    I would really appreciate it if as the above knitters have a more clear pattern on this lovely cardigan.

  6. Help! Has anyone successfully knitted this cardigan? I’m decreasing the fronts and back but I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s doing my head in 😢

  7. I am an experienced knitter and I agree with other comments. I can’t make head nor tail of the pattern. By the terms, I think it has been translated from Japanese. Too bad as it looks like a nice pattern. I imagine any simple bulky jacket pattern could be adapted with the brioche stitch, to get similar results.