While starting
While starting

Dear visitor,

Welcome to imknitting.com. We created an online platform for anyone who likes to do knitting. On our website; We share knitting patterns, knitting models, video lessons and work from you.

Our aim is to be a good resource for those who want to do knitting work. Our authors with experience in knitting techniques prepare lessons for you. You can learn how to weave from our website step by step.

We will introduce you to yarn varieties and knitting kits. We will share your favorite patterns and models with you. We will publish video lessons so you can better understand your knitting techniques. We will provide detailed PDF documents for you.

Sharing is good…

We believe that the more information we share, the more it grows. That’s why we want you to share your own work with all of our users. At this point your labor will find its true value.

Jesica Los / I’m Knitting


  1. Don’t share patterns that aren’t your or you haven’t had permission from the designer to share and definitely don’t share them as your own.

  2. You are a liar and a thief you have stole a pattern claiming its yours well listen up talks with a solicitor start tomorrow if any of the Marion let’s patterns are anywhere on any of your pages