Afghan Knitting Technique
Afghan Knitting Technique

Name of Tunusian Knitting Technique is commonly used among ladies. It is no wonder that this technique, whose real name is Afghan knitting patterns are becoming popular in world. The cultures of these regions are similar to the culture of our country. Afghan and Tunisian different knitting model techniques are examined, you can see motifs and Anatolian traces of many models woven in our regions. Throughout the centuries, many different cultures and riches have been formed in the Anatolian lands, which have very different civilizations, and the peoples have been influenced by each other.

With this technique, quite a lot of knitting patterns have started to be made recently. Especially among the baby knitting patterns, blankets, vests and others stand out. Of course we can see the blankets. Blankets are very suitable to work with this technique.

How to Knit an Afghan

Tunisian or Afghan knitting techniques may seem difficult

If you’ve never done this technique before, and you’re seeing it for the first time, it’s normal for you to be forced. You need a guide to make this pattern, which is a bit more complicated than flat models. Therefore, the narrated Tunisian Afghan knitting techniques will be the best guide for you. Every job is difficult at first. When you make a few small patterns, your hands will get used to it, you will be able to get a little faster and create nice things.

Afghan patterns are made with crochet

In fact, even if you do it for the first time, if you have previously working with crochet, you may not have much difficulty. Once you’ve knocked down a row, you can grab the pattern’s technique and you’ll be able to enjoy more comfortable patterns at your later work. There is something we always say; you have to compel and develop yourself to make different patterns. This kind of work will carry you up and improve you. After applying the technique on a few patterns, can be sure to be very noticeable.

Afghan knitting model with visual expression

In the gallery below, you can get very clear information on how to get to this different pattern step by step. Once you’ve done it with a crochet, you will be fully specialized at the end of a few models. This will help you find beautiful and different models.

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