Easy Cardigan Pattern for Women


We’ve created a great cardigan pattern for women. This cardigan pattern is called “Pearl”. It can be a great choice for long and shabby cardigan lovers. This is a simple cardigan pattern and you won’t be forced to knit. The “pearl” pattern will be an ideal study for the knitters looking for an easy and stylish design. You can write your questions about the pattern on my blog, I will be happy to answer you. Good luck ūüôā


  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Related Needle Sizes: 4
  • Size: 38
  • Required materials: 2 buttons
  • Season: Autumn-Winter

Easy Cardigan Pattern Pearl / Charts

How to do Easy Cardigan Pattern


1- Cast on 90 stitches; work 64 cm of garter stitch and finish.


Piece No. 1: 1- Cast on 114 stitches and work as garter stitch.

2- Work 57 stitches applying the knitting technique w/ returns; hold the remaining stitches on needle, and work all the stitches on the next row.

3- Finish the procedures of the step 2 when knit length is 16 cm.

Piece No. 2: 1- Cast on 30 stitches; work 64 cm of brioche stitch and finish.

2- Finish by sewing the piece nos. 1 and 2 by joining the points of No. 1 indicated in the body sketch.


1- Pick up 89 stitches onto needle around armholes. After working 2 ridges of garter stitch, switch to knit stitch.

2- When knit length is 4 cm, work as purl 3, * knit 8, purl 7, and repeat after the mark *.

3- Apply the diagram onto the knit-8 stitches.

4- Decrease 1 stitch each from purl-7 stitches at every 12 rows.

5- When sleeve length is 25 cm, finish after working the remaining stitches as 4 cm of knit and 2 ridges of garter stitch.

Chart for Cardigan by Inci


  1. i am trying to figure out several things on this pattern called Easy Cardigan Pattern Pearl i really would like to make what i see here its only a few rows and a chart i am trying to figure out what is the knitting technique and what is the chart for it dont say on the picture so could you please help me i really want to make this pattern but i dont think the who;e pattern is here could you please help me thank you