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Baby Knitting Patterns

Keep your baby warm with these cute knitting patterns. These patterns look like yours, but they're just a little small.

Child's Easy Pullover Knit Pattern

Free Child’s Easy Sweater Knit Pattern

Were you looking for a nice and easy pullover pattern for boys? This easy knitted baby pullover pattern can be the exact model you...
Top Down Baby cardigan-knitting pattern

Free baby girls cardigan knitting pattern

A great design for free modern baby cardigan knitting patterns. This is an attractive model for experienced knitters even if it is not an...
Simple Baby Tunic

Easy baby tunic knitting patterns

We prepared a simple and very popular baby dress model for your baby. This baby tunic pattern may seem a bit daunting for beginners,...
Free Knitted Vest and Botie Pattern for baby boy

Free knitting vest and booties pattern for babies

We've got a great vest pattern for your baby. It's not just a vest pattern, it's a surprise. I also share a booties pattern...
Knit Swaddle Baby Blanket Pattern

Free Knit Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag Pattern

The knitted baby sleeping bag is indispensable for the mothers. We prepared a handy pattern you would love very much; both the sleeping bag...
Knitted Vest

Wonderfull knitted vest for baby girls

Hi dear ladies, I share with you the wonderful knitted vest Esra Kaya (@esrosun_orguleri)has designed for his daughter. This cute vest is a good work...
Free Knit Baby Romper Pattern: Moonlight

Free Romper Knitting Pattern For Baby

This greatl knitted romper is designed to provide excellent protection for your baby. This wonderful knit romper by Nako designers was organized by Jessica...
Knitted Baby Sleeping Bag Patterns

Knitted Baby Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is provided us a comfortable sleep during all night so many adult use sleeping bags at nights. Especially if you go...
Knitted Dresses Pattern

Knit Dresses Pattern

Women always want to wear different dresses because they want to feel natural and different from the other women. Generally, they buy a different...
Baby Booties Patterns

Free Baby Booties Knitted Pattern

In cold winter days, booties protect us from catching a cold. Especially baby has a frail body we have a responsibility to protect them...

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