Free baby dress knitting pattern for beginners

The flower on this knit baby sleeveless dress will grow quite quickly and will always be in bloom.

A pretty baby dress knitting pattern in garter hems with reverse stockinette stitch and bands in a colorful. This is a flat knit pattern, but I include suggestions on how to knit it in the embroidery of the flower.

A cute summer dress that you can keep on wearing in the warm weather, just adds flower top and some leaf. Try different color combinations to get your own unique look.

This cute dress is also available along with other cute dresses in The Nako Baby Dress Collection E-magazine. Matching baby blouse knitting pattern available too.

yarns for knit dresss

Related Yarn: Paris Bebe 21346 (2balls), Elit Baby 5956 (1 ball), Elit Baby Muare 31768 (1 ball) by Nako Yarns
Knitting Techniques : Knit, purl, garter stitch, acquard knit-ting, raglan, armhole shaping
Needle No : 4

Knit baby dress with flower
Knit baby dress with flower

How to knit baby dress


1- Cast on 56 stitches w/the yarn no. 21346 and work as knit, stitch. 2- When body length is 17 crn, decrease 3 x 1 stitches at both ends at every 3 rows. 3- When body length is 30 cm. decrease . x 1 stitches at both ends at 2-stitch inside by applying raglan armhole shaping.


1- Cast on 56 stitches w/ the yarn no. 21346: work as the back piece.

2- On the same row, center the stitches and work 26 stitches: switch to the yarn no.5956 and work 4 stitches for jacquard pattern work 26 stitches, and so on.

3- Work as the back piece along knit length and continue applying the jacquard pattern to the end of knitting.

1- Cast on 7 stitches w/ the yarn no. 31768 and work as: 12 rows of knit, 1 row of purl, and 12 rows of knit stitch.
2-As of the next row, for forming the leaf part,
Row 1: Work as: knit 3. yarn-over 1, knit 1, yam-over 1, knit 3. Work the stitĀ­ches on the reverse side as purl stitch.
Row 3: knit 4. yam-over 1, knit tyarn-over knit 4.
Row 5: knit 5, yarn-over 1, knit 1, yarn-over t knit 5.
Row 7: knit 6.yarn-over knit 1, yarn-over 1, knit 6.
Row 9: knit 7, yarn-over 1, knit 1, yam-overt knit 7.

3- StarĀ­ting from the next row, decrease 1 stitch at both ends at 2-stitch inside on every front row.
4- Zero the remaining 5 stitches by decreasing taking 3 stitches together on the front row.

FREE  Women's Short Sleeve Sweater Knitting Pattern


1- Make 10 leaves. As shown in the collar flower joining sketch, fold at the fold line and sew them on collar as 5 flowers for front body and 5 for back body at their knit stitch parts.

2- Cast on 9 stitches w/ the yarn no. 31768: work 100 cm of garter stitch and bind off. Pass in between leaves so that front and back pieces are joined. Me it on shoulder.

Chart For front and back pieces of baby knit dress. We also showed you how to knit flower embroidery on the body.
Collar over layout sketch for baby knit dress
Collar over layout sketch