Women's hoodie knitting pattern
Women's hoodie vest knitting pattern

After a long break we came with a hooded vest pattern for women. This type of vest is very popular, but usually polyester ones … Here is one of those beloved hooded vests knitted… Don’t you think that’s great either?

This is a beautiful hooded knit with nice colors, side pockets and a zippered design. You’ve asked this pattern many times before, so I had to do a research and I finally found it. We have decided to share this pattern created by Nako designers with you. Hope you enjoy it. We hope you will share your opinions and criticisms with us. Good luck to everyone …


  • : Intermediate
  • : 5
  • : Sport Wool 327 (6 balls) by Nako Yarns/Sport Wool, 56 cm zipper, fabric for quilting, 3 hooks and eyes for hood
  • : Autumn-Winter-Spring

How to knit hoodie vest:

Hooded Vest Knitting Pattern for women

Instruction for Back Piece:

You must knit the back piece first to make this beautiful hooded women’s vest. In this section we will explain how to learn the back of the vest.

1- Cast on 75 stitches; after knitting 7 cm of 1+1 rib, continue with knit stitch.

2- After body length is 9 cm, continue knitting as 2 ridges of garter stitch, 9 cm of knit, 2 ridges of garter stitch.

3- After knitting 47 cm for body length, decrease 3+2+1 stitches at both ends for armholes.

4- After knitting 69 cm for body length, finish by casting off the remaining 63 stitches.


After you have finished knitting the back of the hood, you should start knitting the front section according to the measurement scheme. The front side consists of two parts, right and left.

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1- Cast on 35 stitches. Repeat the steps 1 and 2 exactly as in the back piece.

2- When body length is 11 cm, knit 15 stitches starting from the center front, decrease adjacent 3 stitches at once, complete the row by knitting the remaining 17 stitches and return.

3- After knitting 17 and 15 stitches separately, increase 3 stitches between those 17 and 15 stitches so to continue knitting with 35 stitches again.

4- When the body length measures 47 cm, decrease 3+2+1 stitches at one end for armhole.

5– When body length is 52 cm, decrease 5+4+2+1 stitches at center front for neck opening.

6– When body length is 69 cm, finish by casting off 17 stitches remained on shoulder. Knit the other front in the same way.


After you finish the back and front of the hooded vest, you can start knitting the hood. Carefully examine the dimension diagram to knit the hood.

1- Cast on 90 stitches; apply the design on the body pieces.

2- When knitting length is 9 cm, decrease 15 stitches each at both ends.

3- Knit the remaining 60 stitches for 28 cm, cast off and finish.

4- Sew those places numbered as No. 1 in the sketch to each other.

PREPARATION: Using quilting fabric, cut and sew a vest in the same measurements and quilt it inside the knit vest. Sew zipper to the center front. Apply the quilting fabric as binding around pocket openings, cuffs as well as pocket facings.

Chart for Hoodie Vest Knitting Pattern


  1. This is a beautiful pattern but I’ve gotten lost somewhere in the translation. Can you give measuresments in American inches and tell what American size this is equal to? Also what increments would be needed to increase size?……thanks

  2. You say to make inside of vest and quilt it??? Does that mean I’m supposed to have batting and backing like a real quilt then sew it into the sweater vest? Obviously I’m not going to ‘quilt’ it to the knitted portion. What is the stitch pattern on the front next to where the zipper is to be attached? Looks like you might have picked up the edges after knitting fronts and did a ribbing stitch???????…thanks.

  3. Very confusing instructions. Says “bulky weight yarn” but then says “sport weight.” No gauge is given. Size 5 needles will not work with bulky yarn(at least not in US sizing.)