Baby blanket patterns
Baby blanket patterns

The world cover with white when winter comes, most of people want to protect their body temperature with blankets or when a family has a newborn infant, parents want to handmade knitting gift for them. Throughout the history women has preferred to knit for their men both lack of technology and easy found. So many popular patterns has emerged in years. The most common pattern in them, animal baby blanket knitting pattern.

A Gift for a Baby

Gift knitting baby blanket
Gift knitting baby blanket

A baby comes with its politeness. For parents, the main thing is the care of their babies. They want to give them a gift. Animal baby blanket knitting is a tool for improving baby’s dream world. The pattern is popular all over the world. How can you knit your own animal baby blanket knitting. These baby blankets are pretty good.

Knitting Butterfly Effect

Baby blanket with butterfly pattern is great
Baby blanket with butterfly pattern is great.

The first thing, you need, is the finding a pattern that you can decide color for girl, pink and the boy, blue. Requirements are crochet needle, yarn and scissors. The first thing, you do, is generating a ring with 5 stitches. Then 3 stitches and create a banister. Then, you continue like this to finish the line again and again. In this way you will have beautiful and lovely animal baby blanket knitting for your newborn baby.

Try it swaddle baby blanket pattern.

How to make a knitted baby blanket?

We share with you the video lesson prepared by ‘Good Knit Kisses’. This knitting lesson is very easy and understandable.

Baby Girl Blanket Models

We have compiled beautiful blankets for girls. We hope you will like it.

Baby Boy Blanket Models

We have not forgotten about the boys. We’ve compiled beautiful baby boy blankets for you.


  1. I would Love to get the patter for the Baby blanket with dark blue and owl pattern, how can I get it please?