How to knit leg warmers beginners
How to knit leg warmers beginners

How to knit an easy leg warmer, I will help you with the help of knitting pattern. I will also share video tutorials about the leg warmers that I benefits.

Do you like leg warmers? I guess if I was 18, I couldn’t give up the leg warmers. Last month, when my daughter intended to buy a leg warmer, I thought I could do something like that. Although I was a bit wrong about their size, the result was a pretty job.

You don’t need to know a lot for this nice leg warmers pattern. Cast on 45 stitches and you’ll continue in purl and knit along 4 rows.

How to knit leg warmers? I think you will find the answer to this question. For beginners it will be a pleasant, short-time knitting pattern. I’ll be here for your questions about the easy leg warmer pattern.


  • Skill level: Easy+
  • Related Needle Sizes: 4.5
  • Required materials: 217 (2 Balls) by Nako Yarns
  • Season: Winter
Easy Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern
Easy Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern

How to knit leg warmers:


Cast on 45 stitches. Work 4 rows as follows: purl 3, knit 3. In the 4th row, after purling 3 stitches, apply the pattern.

Purl 3, apply the pattern.  Repeat the pattern in every 4 rows. When the legging measures 12 cm, increase 1 stitch at both sides 3 times spacing 9 cm.

Knit for 62 cm totally and cast off all stitches together and finish off.

How to knit easy and quick leg warmers / Video Tutorials

Instructions are given to knit flat or knit in the round depending on your preference. You need about 200-300 yards of aran weight yarn depending on how long you want your warmers to be. 
For this knitting pattern click here


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    What is the “pattern”? K3 p3? It doesn’t say what the pattern is.