Pure Wool Sweater Knitting Pattern
Pure Wool Sweater Knitting Pattern

Pure wool knit sweaters are always popular. This sweater is a great choice for women who want to be stylish. We are happy to share this wool sweater pattern with you. This pattern will make it easy to do and to try out important knitting techniques. You need 5 balls wool yarns and No.5 needle to knit this sweater. Charts for patterns will help you. I can reply to your questions about the design from my blog or from here. Good luck…


  • : Easy
  • : EU 3.5 – US 4
  • : 36-38
  • : Pure Wool 268 (5 balls)
  • : Autumn, Winter
Pure Wool Sweater
Pure Wool Sweater



1- Cast on 100 stitches and work as purl stitch along knitting.

2- Increase 6 x 1 stitches at both ends at every 2 rows to obtain 104 stitches.

3- When body length is 11 cm, decrease 8 x 1 stitches at both ends at every 7 rows to drop to 90 stitches.

4- When body length is 38 cm, decrease 3+2+1 stitches at both ends for armholes.

5- When body length is 58 cm, decrease 15 stitches each at both ends for shoulders in 3 steps, and hold 48 stitches remaining at the center on needle.


1- Cast on 90 stitches; after working 2 rows of purl, set the stitches as purl 30, apply the diagram onto the adjacent 30 stitches (K 1, P 1, K 1, P 1, K 1, P 1, K 1, purl 1, K 1, P 12, knit 1, P 1, knit 1, P 1, knit 1, P 1, K 1, P 1, K 1), P 30.

2- Increase 2 x 1 stitches at both ends at every 7 rows to obtain 104 stitches.

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3- Repeat the steps 3, 4 and 5 of the back piece in the same way. Hold the remaining 48 stitches on needle.

4- Transfer 48 stitches each held on back and front pieces onto the same needle and finish after working with them for 10 cm for collar.


1- Cast on 50 stitches and work 1+2 rib along knitting.

2- Increase 10 x 1 stitches at both ends at every 5 rows to obtain 60 stitches.

3- When sleeve length is 45 cm, decrease 3+2+1+1+2+3+4+5+6 stitches at both ends for armholes. When the sleeve measures 61 cm, cast off remaining 6 stitches together and bind off.


Work front and back pieces separately, but in the same way. Pick up 136 stitches. Work as 1+1 rib. Increase 4 x 1 stitches at both sides of the stitch at the corner on every row. Work 4 cm and finish.

Charts for Pure Wool Sweater
Charts for Pure Wool Sweater: Back, Front, Arm


Publisher Note: This pattern was prepared by Nako. It is shared with Nako’s written permission.


  1. I would like to know what weight of yarn to buy? Also how much yarn is needed, 5 balls could vary a lot depending on size of ball and weight. (i.e. 50 gram, 100 gram, etc.

    Also, is there a reason why you did not start out with the ribbing at the bottom and then work into the sweater itself? Just wondering.

  2. I love the design of this Pure Wool Sweater but I find the instructions a bit vague. I have been knitting for about 30 years and I have never come across some of the instructions that are in this pattern. What does
    increase 6 x 1 stitches mean? The same instructions are used elsewhere in the pattern like 10 x 1 in the sleeves and 8 x 1 on the back piece. Also on decreasing on the sleeves 3+2+1+1+2+3+4+5+6. Do you mean decrease every row 3 stitches each end then 2 stick decrease on very next row then decrease 1 stitch on the very next row?

    Thank you for your explanations.