You can make a wonderful crochet scarf pattern with spider design. A great choice of crochet scarf pattern for beginners. There are two separate instructions you can make for both the scarves and the cardigan. How to make women’s crochet scarf.

  • Material:  Yarn / Nako Pop Mix (2 pellets)
  • Crochet Needle No: 4
  • Knitting Shape: Spider
  • Other Materials: Scissors

Instruction of Scarf

How to make women’s crochet scarf. With this instruction you can do it easily.
1 chain – 1 bubble – 1 chain, repeated 4 times and the square is created. A top row is made of 3 bubbles and merge.

The process is repeated 1 more time and the 3rd row is started. From the 3rd order, the edges are knitted by 3 bubbles and the middle is made by 2 bubbles. In the last row between the two chain 1 bubble 2 chain by pulling the edge process is finished. Wrap around the edges of the scarf is completed.

Instruction of Cardigan

  • Material: Yarn / Nako Pop Mix (3 balls), Snow Flake (1 ball)
  • Crochet No: 4
  • Crochet Shape: Spider
  • Other Materials: Scissors

If you want to make 2 colors, 4 rows of Pop Mix yarn are knitted in 2 rows of Snow Flake.

28 rows are knitted and 2 shawls are knitted. Without the final closure of the shawls, the two shawls are joined by a long straight edge and are knitted diagonally and the half of the shawl is joined to the back.

The front side of the two pieces of mesh is wrapped separately with wrap-off technique.

The arms are attached to the body from the wrist to the underarm and without the seam.

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Attach the tassel to the rear and front lower parts.




How to Crochet This Scarf / Video Tutorial

This video tutorial prepared to original language for the purpose of you can help.