Zig Zag Cardigan For Women
Zig Zag Cardigan For Women

We will share a great knitted cardigan pattern for women. This is actually a bolero pattern, I’m sure you’ve never seen a similar one before. This knitting pattern designed with wonderful colors and lines will not be too difficult for you.

Below we have shared some instructions and material list for knitting cardigan pattern. Good luck to all.

How to knit zig zag cardigan

Masai, Superlmabs Special, Vega, Pop Mix by Nako Yarns

Material: Masal 11458, Superlambs Special 21426, Vega 23591 (2 balls each), Pop Mix 86583 (1 ball), 86602 (2 balls) Needle No: 6

Knitting Technique: Knit, purl, garter stitch,

How to knit bolero

Hint: Work by repeating 2 rows.

Row 1 (right side); *garter stitch 12 (with purl stitch), decrease 2 stitches as knit by taking 3 stitches together, garter stitch 12, apply 1 hidden increase, knit 1, apply 1 hidden increase, and repeat after the aster-isk to complete the row.

Row 2 (reverse side); Work all the stitches purl.
1- Cast on 135 stitches w/ the yarn no. 23591 and apply the motif along knit length.
2- Work 120 cm as * 10 ridges of garter stitch w/ the yarn no. 23591, 4 ridges w/ the yarn no. 21426, 8 ridges w/ the yarn no. 86602, 2 ridges w/ the yarn no. 86583, 10 ridges w/ the yarn no. 11458, and repeat the rows of colors after the asterisk.
3-In order to form the sleeve part, join the 6 cm parts of Points A and B.


  1. Jessica you do some awesome designs. I would just ask that you might give me a clue how to increase the sizes? Also looking at this one is very confusing for a beginner/intermediate like myself it seems confusing but that is just my inexperience.
    Thanks so much for your lovely designs and hope I can figure out how to make the sizes bigger in time.