Crochet Poncho Pattern for Women
Crochet Poncho Pattern for Women

Ponchos are a great choice for ladies who give importance to their style. They evoke admiration especially if they have stunning colors and creative patterns. I hope you are going to love this beautiful crochet poncho with a marbled pattern. I also believe this work will improve the skills of intermediate knitters. This is a free crochet poncho pattern.

I have used the wool acrylic thread for this model. You can choose the colors in line with your taste. I recommend you to use knitting needle no 2,5.

Excellent Crochet Poncho
Excellent Crochet Poncho
Nako Ebruli Yarn
Nako Ebruli Yarn

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Related Needle(s): 2.5
Materials: Arya Ebruli 86417 by Nako Yarns (3 balls)
Season: Autumn-Winter-Spring


Chart 1 for Crochet Poncho Pattern
Chart 1 for Crochet Poncho Pattern
  1. Knit the back and front sides same but separately. Return back by casting 100 cm series.
  2. Knit 5 rows in total by repeating the 1st and 2nd row of the diagram.
  3. Starting from the 3rd row of the diagram, knit until the 11th row.
  4. Knit 5 rows by repeating the 10th and 11th rows.
  5. Repeat the 2nd and 3rd articles to continue knitting.
  6. Continue to knitting as two parts before you knit 10 cm from the middle for the collar at the 47th cm of the body length.
  7. Return back before you knit the 5 cm parts on the collar part.
  8. Complete the body length at 55th cm and knit around the collar after stitching the shoulders.
  9. Tassel the hem.
 Chart 2 for Crochet Poncho Pattern


  1. This pattern is so good work, i want knit this poncho, but are you recomend different yarns for pattern. Because recomend yarn i’m not found anywhere.

  2. Hello.This crochet poncho pattern was extremely fascinating,
    particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this subject last Monday.

  3. This lovely poncho is listed as a crochet project, yet the instructions are for knitting. Alas, I don’t knit!