Easy Knit Poncho
Easy Knit Poncho

In a beautiful winter day, so many ladies wear a poncho to protect themselves from cold weather most of them by fabrication production but these off-the-rack ponchos sometimes do not protect from cold weather because it’s could not reach enough thickness what you need. In our opinion, the best ponchos are the knitted ponchos. But if you want to wear a poncho on mild summer days you can use crochet poncho patterns because it does not keep you so warm and it will be exactly suitable for you.

How to Knit A Girls Poncho

This video is about the theme of the knitting poncho. I think you will do your job.

Kind of Ponchos

There is so many types of poncho pattern you can probably find what style you want. If you want to wear a poncho on summer nights you can knit crochet poncho or you also knit poncho for your child in a bolero poncho style because you can easily put on a poncho to his child.

Hooded Ponchos

Hooded poncho is preferable in every season if you want to wear it for protection from the cold you had better use knit poncho but if you want to wear it in mild hot winter days you had better use crochet ponchos. However, which type you love or you want to knit it all your decision find one poncho pattern and start to create your own style.



  1. how do I get the pattern for the knit poncho #5 of 8, is there a link to the pattern? when I click on the picture, all I get is an enlarged picture – the one shown in the oatmeal color with the large cable down the front and lacing on the sides.