How to Knit Bag
How to Knit Bag

Being a woman requires fashionable garment with the progressing of daily necessities. So most women want to create own style of handmade accessories, knitting bag, and some crafts. However, the bag is the first thing that they use. Everyone can buy a similar bag but actually, they think that wearing similar garment can be cliché. Due to become one, they knit their own accessories. General situation for doing that, knitting is both easy and cheap.

Become one, create your own style

How can you become one? Women can knit whatever they like as suitable as for clothes, color is an important key to be marvelous. Knitting bag is the second option for women in fashion because it is completely about imagination. The pattern shows your own perspective that you choose with your clothes.

How Can You?

Choose your own style! Requirements are so simple just needle, yarn, button and knitting bag pattern. You can begin with a base structure, actually, when you decide your bag size, it can shape itself. The base can be 34 stitches a flat follows an inverse style. For bag handles you can use 9 stitches about 61 cm weight. The main thing is bringing pieces which you create, all together.

How to knit bag with cable pattern

If you want to knit this bag, you need to know how to knit this pattern. you need to cast on the number of st multiple 30. I cast on 120 st.

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  1. Does anyone know about that cable bag shown on this page? I watched the video on you tube and the instruction is not complete. Do you make 2 pieces ( 1 for the front and 1 for the back)? Does anyone know what size needle she used?

  2. Where can I get these knitting patterns? I clicked on the gray purses (1 with the bow and the other with a tie) and nothing happened. Usually when you click on a picture you are given the knitting pattern.