Knitted integrated Scarf-beanie pattern
Knitted integrated Scarf-beanie pattern

Dream scarf-beanie (mix) design offers a creative option for women who love to look modern. This pattern consists of scarf and beanie combination. With its impressive patterns, you can make it unique to you with small touches. This pattern was created by Nako and edited by Jessica Los. It is a sign that women who are knitting at the beginner level can learn without difficulty. I can respond to any questions about the pattern from my blog. Good luck.

I presented the measurements of this pattern in the diagram. To make scarf and beanie pattern you will need number 4 needle and 4 ball yarn… Free knitting patterns for hats on straight needles. Chunky knit hat  pattern free. Integrated Scarf-Beanie Pattern

Integrated Scarf-Beanie Pattern

Nakolen Dreams Yarn (49% Wool, 51% Acrylic)
Nakolen Dreams Yarn (49% Wool, 51% Acrylic)


  • : Easy
  • : 4
  • : Nakolen Dreams 31446 (4 balls)
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Pattern detail
Pattern detail
Diagram for Scarf part
Diagram for Scarf part

ROW 1-) Starts with 54 stitches. Loops; Diagram is applied after 1 side yarn, 1 purl, 8 knit stitch, 1 purl, 4knit stitch, 8 single rice knit stitch, 8 knit stitch, 8 single rice knit stitch, 4 knit stitch, 1 purl, 8 knit stitch, 1 purl, 1 knit edge stitch and finished.


ROW 2-) When the knitting size is 77 cm, one side for the hood is increased by one stitch 35 times in each row, and 89 stitches are reached.

ROW 3-) One stitch is cut 35 times in the same place in each row.

ROW 4-) When the knitting size is 220 cm, the remaining 54 loops are cut and finished.

ROW 5-) The hood is sewn together from the back.

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Pattern Diagram
Pattern Diagram



Pocket design for pattern
Pocket design for pattern

ROW 1-) Starts with 54 stitches. Then the Diagram is applied.

ROW 2-) Cutting the stitches at a length of 16 cm. 2 pieces are knitted.

ROW 3-) It is stitch up head of the weft.

You can write to me about any question about this pattern. I am also happy to see your work here…

Printable format for this pattern

Free Scarf-Beanie Pattern File Download

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Note: All rights to this design belong to Nako. It can not be used for commercial purposes.


  1. This is almost exactly what my daughter wants. Thank you very much. I thought I would be paying for this pattern. It is very nice of you to offer it for free. Thank you…

  2. I am having trouble understanding your dream scarf beanie pattern. I assume ‘cut’ means decrease. Is 1 side yarn slip 1 purl wise and then knit the last stitch? The scarf has cables and the chart shows cables but the directions do not. Could you reprint this with written directions for those that do not follow charts?

    • Some sections may not be understood as the translation from the original dictionary is made. “Cut” means “decrease” of expression. The knit direction should always must be from the edges to the center.

  3. Hi, I want to know whether the cable on the edge is knitted separately? I`m not good with using diagrams as I usually knit from a pattern which I have no problem with. Must I follow the diagram or is Row 1 what the design/pattern consist of throughout the scarf section?

    • Chart can help but you have to take advantage of step by step insturictons. The cable at the edge is knitted separately, you can see this when you examine the charts.

  4. This pattern is a mess! I made this, and had to figure it out for myself…makes no sense! It’s super cute for sure and I added a tassel on the hood.

  5. I love this design but tho I am an experienced knitter, I cannot understand the pattern. I am American perhaps that’s the problem? Also can’t make sense of chart as no key or just very different from American. Can you PLEASE help me!!! I really want to make this for my daughter in law! Thank you!