Easy knit cardigan for beginners
Easy knit cardigan for beginners

This wonderful vest pattern we call a lollipop is a great pattern for beginners. You can find many patterns for girls, but if you’re looking for an easy and different pattern, that’s exactly what you’re looking for. We have prepared a detailed instructions for easy crochet vest. For beginners, we also added charts for easy crocheted baby patterns. If you’re looking for such a crochet pattern, this might be the exact opportunity you’re looking for. I answer all questions about the pattern from my blog. Good luck…


  • : Easy
  • : 3.5
  • : 80436 (1 Ball) by Nako Yarns 80 cm Ribbon
  • : Winter, Spring, Autumn

How to do crochet vest for beginners

Easy Knit Children's Vest Pattern
Easy Crochet Children’s Vest Pattern


Knit beginning from the neck. Work 26 classic meshes on 35 cm chain.

Row 1: Work classic trellis as follows: chain 6, make 1 single crochet in between the meshes, chain 6, make 1 single crochet into the next mesh… along the row.

Row 2: Make 6 meshes at both sides. Move to the next mesh and make 2 meshes for the sleeve separation inserting in the same loop. After making 2 meshes, insert in the same loop and make 2 meshes into the next mesh for the sleeve separation. Complete the row making mesh into the meshes remaining in the back middle part.

Row 3: make the same number of meshes on the meshes in the previous row.

Row 4: In the 2nd row, increase in the same way on the parts where it is worked increases.

Row 5: make the same number of meshes on the meshes in the previous row.

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Row 6: crochet mesh increasing in the same way on the parts where it is increased, which is followed to crochet 10 rows. Separate 11 cm for each front body,  20 cm for each sleeve and 30 cm for the back body. Join the sections separated for the front and back bodies. Crochet classic mesh for further 21 cm and bind off. Apply the model in the diagram spacing 3 rows beginning from the neck part. Embroider on the meshes and bind off. Work 1 row of single crochet around the neck. Make 2 rows of hdc on the front middle parts and bind off.

Pass ribbon through the front middle part.

Chart for Baby Vest Pattern

Chart for Baby Vest
Chart for Baby Vest

How to knit vest / Video Tutorial

If this pattern forced you, how about an alternative pattern? Knitted children’s vest pattern for a different video tutorial.