Free Knitting Basket Patterns
Free Knitting Basket Patterns

Baskets are the very helpful stuff of our life we use so many baskets in our houses. We use a laundry basket or put our toothbrushes in a basket. Most of the people use plastic basket but if you do not want to be one of them you can knit basket by using knit basket patterns. When you start to knit it you will see it is not a too hard thing to do

How to Knit Basket

The first thing you should know that is not too hard thing if you find correct knit basket pattern. Then you should buy a worsted yarn as a base structure of knitting also buys a knitting needle. I suggest that you had better use different color yarn because when you finish your basket it will be colorful and seems very brilliant.

Free Knitted Basket Pattern: Stash Busting Knitted Basket

Free Knitted Basket Pattern
Designed by: Bonny Bonafilla

If you are looking for something to use up some of the chunky wool in your yarn stash I have got the solution. This small basket eats yarn. I have made it using 4 strands of Hayfield Bonus Chunky, worked together on 15mm circular needles (80 cm cord) using the magic loop method. It’s really easy, and with yarn of that combined thickness you can easily make it in under an hour from start to finish. My knitting tension averaged about 5 stitches x 10 rows on a 10 cm x 10 cm/ 4″x 4″ swatch. This pattern designed by Bonny Bonafilla.


How You Can Knit a Crochet Basket

Here I will give you a crochet basket pattern if you want to knit crochet basket you need to buy a crochet needle and chose a yarn then at the begging you should start with a magic circle. Inside the magic circle slip stitch to first string to complete round. Then 2 string in each stitch all the way and continue with this progress until you reach enough size when you want.

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How to knit a square for basket

How to crochet an Oval based Basket