Free Men's Classic Cardigan Pattern

It is one of the clothing that is indispensable for men in winter. This free classic cardigan pattern is also very popular model. Large square patterns can be a little difficult to knit. The collar design is not easy. Even though it is a little tiring to knit this pattern, the result will be perfect. Your husband, son or grandson will be grateful to you. If you like this men’s cardigan pattern, the instructions will help you. I can answer all my questions about the knitting pattern from my blog. Good luck…

  • : Intermediate
  • : 5
  • : 44
  • : 35037 (7 Balls) by Nako Yarns, 65 cm Zip
  • : Winter

How to knit cardigan

Classic Men's Cardigan
Classic Men’s Cardigan


Row 1: Knit the stitches.

Row 2: Purl the stitches.

Row Rib 1×1.

Row 7: Purl the stitches.

Row 8: Knit the stitches.

Row 9: Work as follows along the row: purl 21, knit 1, knit 3 garter stitches, knit 1, purl 21, knit 1, knit 3 garter stitches, knit 1, purl 21.

Row 10: Knit the stitches following their existing pattern.

Row 11: Knit for 8 cm in the same way as from the 9th row. In the next row, repeat the pattern as from the 1st row.


Cast on 102 stitches. Rib 1×1 for 7 cm and apply diagram. Knit body for 69 cm and center the stitches for the neck; cast off 54 stitches in the middle together and do so for each 24 stitches remaining on the shoulders in the next row.

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Cast on 51 stitches and knit as back body. Knit body for 65 cm and cast off 12+4+4+3+3+1 stitches on the front middle part for the neck. When the body measures 70 cm, the remaining 24 stitches on the shoulders are cast off together and bound off. Knit the other front piece in the same way.


Cast on 48 stitches. Rib 1×1 for 6 cm and apply diagram. Increase 1 stitch at both sides 19 times spacing 6 rows and reach to 86 stitches. When the sleeve measures 56 cm, cast off all stitches together and bind off. Knit the other sleeve in the same way.


Pick up 115 stitches on the needle around the neck. Rib 1×1 for 4 cm and then cast off all stitches together and bind off.

Charts for Cardigan Pattern
Charts for Cardigan Pattern