Knitted Cardigan Pattern for men
Knitted Cardigan Pattern for men

Vintage knitted cardigan offers a great option for men who care about style. This cardigan is very cool with its impressive design and creative pattern. In this example, I chose gray, one of the most popular colors of men, and you can try alternative colors. It will be an easy work for women who are knitting at the beginner level. I can answer any questions about the design from my blog. Good luck.

This pattern was designed for a man of 42 sizes. The metric in the chart is for 42 sizes. You just need 4 ball yarn, a number 5 needle and 4 buttons. Good luck.

Vintage Cardigan Pattern by Nako
Vintage Cardigan Pattern by Nako

Difficulty level: Easy
Related needle numbers: 5
Size: 42
Gender: Male
Materials needed: 4 buttons
Season: Autumn-Winter
Category: Free vintage knitting patterns to download

Vega Tweed Yarns
Vega Tweed Yarns

Yarn Features:

  • Name: Vega Tweed (Nako Yarns)
  • : %100 Premium Acrylic
  • : 100 g
  • : 195 m



Back Diagram

1-) 94 stitches start. 2 + 2 ribbing stitch is made up to 4 cm and purl is passed.

2-) When the body size is 48 cm, 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 stitches are cut from both sides by using the arm knitting sleeves technique and thus it is reduced to 80 stitches.

3-) When the body size is 72 cm, the stitches for the collar are centered and the middle 36 stitches are cut.

4-) Next, 22 stitches on the shoulders are cut and finished.



Front Diagram
Front Diagram

1-) 60 stitches start. 4 cm 2 + 2 ribs are knitted. Stitches; Starting from the front center, it is arranged in 15 purl, 4 straight, 1 purl, 24 straight, 1 purl, 4 straight, 11 purl.

2-) Chart number 2 is applied to 4 straight knitted stitches, and chart number 1 is applied to 24 straight knitted stitches.

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3-) When the size of the body is 38 cm, the for collar is cutting. 21 stitches in the middle of the front part, 1 stitch is cut at intervals of 2 rows.

4-) When the body size is 48 cm, 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 stitches are cut from one side for the arm hole.

5-) When the size of the body is 73 cm, 32 stitches on the shoulder are cut and finished.

6-) The difference between the shoulder of the back part and the number of stitches will occur. This is because; is the sum of the samples in the front.



94 stitch is prepared from the circumference of the arm hole. Finish with 4 rows, 2 x2 rib stitch.*


1-) From the front and back of the collar(from center), 140 stitches are prepared for the needle.Finish with 3 cm 2 x 2 rib stitch.

2-) The other side is knitted in the same way and is sewn from the middle of the back part. 4 marrow rings are opened at 10 cm intervals from the center of the front left part.


Pocket Diagram
Pocket Diagram

1-) Start with 36 stitches. Stitches; 1 purl, 4 straight, 1 purl, 24 straight, 1 purl, 4 straight, 1 purl.

2-) 4 straight stitches, number 2 chart, 24 straight stitches, number 1 chart is applied over 11 cm.

3-) Starting from the next row, 3 cm 2 + 2 rib stitch is knitted and finished.



Chart No: 1
Chart No: 1
Chart No: 2
Chart No: 2


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  2. I could knitting this cardigan for my husband. I think he will love it very much. But this pattern can be a little tiring. Thank you so much for the pattern.

  3. These kinds of cardigans look great in men. This cardigan pattern looks very nice but seems a bit troublesome. I would like to ask you a few questions from your facebook page. Good work. Please continue to share.

  4. I need to show this knit pattern my wife. I think she can make for it. Do not you have a video lesson for this pattern? Thank you so much…

  5. This pattern is a great design for men. This pattern seems a bit difficult, but I want to start as soon as possible. The design charts are very well prepared. Thank you so much for knitting patterns. I will continue to follow you.