Knitted Cardigan Pattern for women: Spring
Knitted Cardigan Pattern for women: Spring

The Spring Cardigan Pattern

Spring Knitted Cardigan is example of an innovative cardigan pattern for women who love to make a difference. It is prepared from the most exclusive colors and patterns of this year. This knitted cardigan, prepared with spring theme, will not be difficult for women knitting in the intermediate level. Initial levels may be challenging in some steps. I can answer any questions about the design from my blog. Good luck.

This pattern is designed for women of 36-38 sizes. To make this pattern you will need number 5 needle and 5 balls yarn…

Free knit cardigan pattern -Spring
Free knitting cardigan pattern: Spring


  • : Intermediate
  • : 5
  • : 36-38
  • : Ombre 20383 (5 balls)
  • : Spring, Autumn, Winter
  • Chart: Yes
Ombre 20383 by Nako
Ombre 20383 by Nako



Spring Pattern Chart 1
Chart of Spring Pattern


Belt: Start with 14 stitches. It is finished with 2 + 1 stitch length of 150 cm.

ROW 1-) The back and front sizes are knitted separately in the same way.

ROW 2-) Begin with 82 stitches. 5 cm 2 + 1 elastic stitch (rib stitch) are knitted. Stitches; 10 stitches are arranged in 2 + 1 rib stitches, 62 stitches knit stitch, 10 stitches 2 + 1 rib stitch.

ROW 3-) Apply 10 lines on the side next to the stitches that are knit from one side in a knit stitch line after 10 rows are knitted.

ROW 4-) When the body size is 41 cm, all the stitches are finished with 5 cm 2 + 1 rib stitch. A total of 4 pieces are knitted in the same way.

ROW 5-) While the front bodies are knitted, when the knitting size is 12 cm, the stitches are separated as 41 + 41 and 4 cm separately. After all the stitches are taken again, the same yarn needle is taken again and the knitting is continued.

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ROW 6-) Finished by sewing on the places shown in the chart.

Belt: 14 stitches start. 150 cm 2 + 1 rib stitch is applied and finished.

Chart of Front-Back and Belt Pattern
Chart of Front-Back and Belt Pattern

Note: All rights to this design belong to Nako. It can not be used for commercial purposes.


  1. I would like to knit the spring cardigan. I am finding difficulty understanding the pattern. It appears to be a translation from another language. Also, prefer to knit plain, no cables. Can you help?

  2. I liked this cardigan because it’s the model I’m looking for. I needed a seasonal cardigan. I will try to knit this knitting cardigan.

  3. As the directions appear to be in cm measurements, it would help if the author gave the translation to non-metric measurements, including the knitting needle size. As he noted it was a 5 needle, I am presuming this is 5mm not US-5, which means the US needle size would be an 8. Also he needs to clarify what his ribbing stitch is (I think I am reading that it is Knit 2 sts, Purl 1 st). I also get the sense that he thinks all knitters are at a pro-level rather than a week-end knitter level. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  4. I am having a lot of difficulty reading there instructions so have decided not to knit this pretty and useful sweater.

  5. I love this pattern and would very much like to make it. As someone previously stated, I don’t understand the directions. Did you ever rewrite them in a more English friendly version? Thank you so much.