Long Cardigan Womens
Long Cardigan Womens

Women’s knitting cardigans are among the favorite clothes. Knitting patterns womens cardigans jackets are so diverse. That’s why we frequently publish free knitting patterns, knitting patterns such as long cardigan knitting pattern free. Especially preferred in autumn and winter, knit cardigans are elegant and useful. This content was created for those who want easy cardigan knitting patterns for beginners.

2019 fashions yellow knitting cardigans

We have compiled the wonderful knitting cardigan models of 2019 fashion colors and lines. You will love these cardigan models with their stylish and elegant designs. This year’s fashion is yellow knitting cardigans. All shades of yellow color, especially mustard yellow this year will be indispensable.

Long Knit Cardigan is always in fashionable

Long and shabby knitting cardigans this year, as every year, the favorite cardigan models. Especially in gray tones, cardigans knitted with thick yarn are very popular.

How to Knit a Cardigan: Beginner’s Tips and Patterns

Knitting a scardigan is one of the pinnacles of the hobby, and it’s one that stops some new knitters in their tracks. A cardigan seems like such a big project that will take a lot of time and requires a lot of skill.

How to knit a cardigan with Yarnspirations free Adult V-Neck Cardigan pattern.


  1. how can i get the pattern to the yellow cropped cardigan (worn over a white floral dress)
    I cant figure out how to get it.

  2. Hello – I am interested in the mustard yellow cropped cardigan pattern you have on your sight above – the caption under the photo is “free raglan cardigan knitting patterns” – however the link only takes me to the photo. Can you please tell me where I can get the actual pattern?

    thank you,


  3. How do I obtain the pattern for the free raglan cardigan pictured above (picture no 4 , mustard coloured cropped retro style cardigan)

  4. Hello, I clicked on your website because I am interested in the raglan cardigan – mustard short one ‘free raglan cardigan knitting pattern’ but have not been able to locate the said pattern on your website. Is this something that you have available? much appreciated/ Suze

    • Hi Mary i have just put in a message re the mustard cropped cardigan, if you havent found it yet. Its in Ravelry, and called ‘Fall Miette.’ .by Andi Sutterland and its free..all the best , linda

    • Hi Mary, Have you found the pattern for the rust and gray sweater? I’ve been looking for it also and have had no luck. Hazel

  5. Hi…i found The mustard cropped cardigan pattern in Ravelry by Andi Sutterlund. Its a free pattern ….its 2022 now…i could be a bit late for most of you!