Chart for Short Sleeve Sweater
Short Sleeve Sweater Knitting Patterns for Women

Short sleeve sweaters… Stylish, handy and a great outfit complement. We’re here with a great short-sleeved sweater pattern. We wanted to share this pattern published in Nako Magazine with you. Because this mold has a truly amazing design and charming colors.

Easy does it. What’s to think about this awesome sweater alternative? Stitched sideways in two panels and seamed up the center, Short Sleeves is fast and fun to knit and truly flatters every figure. Knit in Extra, this colorful and stylish sweater will be your new absolute favorite. Designed by Nako.

Used Material: Nako Yarn No: 300, 1535, 991, 207, 4737 (1 b. each)
Needle No: 4
Hook No: 35
Knitting Technique: Knit, purl, 1+1 rib, 2-row moss stitch, cable pattern, single crochet

How to knit short sleeve sweater

Short Sleeve Sweater Knitting Pattern
Short Sleeve Sweater Knitting Pattern

Row 1; * knit 1, yarn-over 1, and repeat after asterisks to complete the row.
Row 2; take off the yam-over stitches from needle, extend the stitches on needle and work as purl stitch.

How to knit back piece

1- Cast on 98 stitches w/ yam no. 4737 and work 2 cm of 1+1 rib. Set the stitches
as; purl 27, knit 6, purl 32, knit 6, purl 27.

2- Apply the diagram onto the knit-6 stitches

3- Work 27 stitches each at both ends as; 8 rows of purl and 2 rows of knit stitch along knit length. While working 27 stitches in the middle as purl along knit length, increase 18 x I stitches at both ends at every 8 rows. To obtain 68 stitches in total.

4- When body length is 8 cm, work 5 cm 3using the yarn nos. 4737 and 207 together.

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5- Work 55 cm w/ the yam no. 207 and 18 cm w/ no. 931.

6- Switch to the yam no. 1535 and work 2.5 cm; starting from the next row, increase 2 stitches at both ends for armholes.

7- When knit length is 11 cm after armholes, continue working w/ the
yarn no. 300 by applying the pattern on the knit rows.

8- When body length is 57 cm, center the stitches for neck opening and cast off 46 stitches in the middle. and on the next row, finish by casting off the stitches remained on shoulders.

How to knit front piece of short sleeve sweater

1- Repeat the steps 1 to 7 of the back piece.

2- When body length is 40 cm, center the stitches and start working 2-stitch moss stitch
with the stitch in the middle. 3- Start working moss stitch with 1 stitch at both sides of the moss stitch worked on every front row. For 9 cm, work the stitches as moss stitch by extending to two

4- When body length is 49 cm, center the stitches for neck opening and bind off 20 stitches
in the middle at once, and continue working in two pieces.

5- Decrease 3+3+2+1+1+1+1+1 stitches on every front row at the neck side.

6- When body length is 57 cm, finish by binding off the stitches on shoulders. SLEEVES: Pick up 88 stitches from armhole w/ the yarn no. 300.
Finish after working 10 cm of knit stitch.

Chart for Short Sleeve Sweater
Chart for Short Sleeve Sweater