Free knit jacket pattern

Jackets are the best saver of people in every season. For example in cold winter days, we wear coats but it does not enough to protect us from cold. However, if you wear a knit jacket under the coat it will keep you warm even if freezing outside. Or you can wear a knit jacket in spring and autumn fresh mild air days it will probably protect you from the unexpected disease. If you like to wear jacked but you are on summer days crochet jackets will be best for you because crochet patterns are not keeping you so hot it is the best for summer nights.

Best Knitting Jackets

Free Knit Jacket PatternBeyond any doubt, jackets are best accessories to create a new style for every kind of person because there is so many jacket pattern available for knitting lover. Especially knitted jackets are the best because you can make your own jacket by wearing them you have a unique style in all if you like knitting you had better-knit jacket.

Free Knit Jacket Pattern
Jacqueline by Karina Liu. Thank you for knitting pattern…


 Knitting Jackets


Crochet Jackets

Crochet jackets have a hard structure but if you find a correct and practical crochet jacket pattern you can knit it plus there are so many crochet jacket pattern which you cannot stop yourself from knitting them.


  1. I was wanting to crochet the Colorful Crochet Jacket and am unable to find the pattern. It’s the colorful one with long sleeves and mandala circles.

  2. I’m also looking for the pattern for jacket on posting. So frustrating when you can’t get the pattern that attracts you to the site. So frustrating.

  3. I try to find the pattern for the “Colorful Crochet Jacket”, shown on pinterest but no chance to find it. It’s the jacket with long sleeves and mandala circles. Please provide pattern.

  4. I finally found the pattern on Go the website and search for “Rainbow Circle Vest”. You can download a PDF from there with the pattern. I can’t wait to start.

  5. would be nice if someone ever answered these questions when you can’t find the pattern anywhere on the site