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Home Knitting Patterns Knit Cardigan Patterns

Knit Cardigan Patterns

Knitting Cardigan Patterns

Long Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Pattern Features Difficulty level: Intermediate Related Needle Sizes: 5 Size: 36-38 Required materials: Nakolen 219 (10 balls) by Nako Yarns, 4 snaps Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring How to do...

Cool cardigan knitting pattern for women

We are with a very beautiful cardigan pattern. You probably have not seen this work similar before. The "Cool cardigan" has been carefully designed for women who appreciate...

Free Knitted Cardigan Pattern for Men: Vintage Cardigan Pattern

Vintage knitted cardigan offers a great option for men who care about style. This cardigan is very cool with its impressive design and creative pattern. In this example,...

Free Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Spring

The Spring Cardigan Pattern Spring Knitted Cardigan is example of an innovative cardigan pattern for women who love to make a difference. It is prepared from the most exclusive...

Easy Knit Cardigan Pattern: Paris

A nice cardigan design for women who always seem to look stylish: Paris Knit Cardigan Pattern. This pattern was prepared by Nako Yarns and redesigned by Jessica Los....

Fashionable Cardigan Patterns

A cardigan is mostly using dress among people of all age and all over the world. especially it is widely using a woman they wear so much type...

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