Women's Knit Scarf and Hat Free Pattern

Do you have looked at free scarf knitting patterns, you are in the right place and we also offer a hat knitting pattern. I love the colors of sunset and I chose these colors for this wonderful hat and scarf pattern. This set of knit hats and scarves is made with basic knitting techniques. The knit scarf pattern for beginners will not be difficult. For Knitted Hat you need some experience, if you are experienced in rib stitch, your job will be more easily.

There are a lot of options in our knitted women’s scarf archive, but this is a candidate for being one of the best. Because it will be a very good study in terms of time-performance. You’ll reveal a perfect knitted winter accessory in a few days, not bad! You can also look here for some nice works.

Related Yarns: 6706, 4888 (3 each ball). 6592 (2 balls) by Nako Yarns
Related Needle No: 5
Knitting Techniques: Knit, purl, double rib

Women's Knit Scarf and Hat Free Pattern

How to knit scarf:


Length (without pompom): 78 ½”/200.5cm

1- Cast on 61 stitches w/ the yarn no. 6706.
2- Set the stitches as:
Row 1: edging stitch 1. purl 4, *knit 1. purl 9. knit I, repeat after mark*. purl 4. Edging stitch.
1. Row 2: Set the stitches as: edging stitch 1, *purl 9. knit 1. repeat after mark*, edging stitch 1.
3- Repeat the rows 1 and 2 along the knit length.
4- Work 48 cm w/ the yam no 6706. 55cm w/ the yam no. 4888.97 cm w/ the yam no. 6592, and finish by binding off.
5- Make the yam no. 6706 as 10-ply. pass it through 1 stitch in the middle of 9-purl stitches as shown in the sketch. and decorate with tassels.

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How to knit hat

Circumference around head: 20 ½”/52 cm 

I- Cast on 55 stitches w/ a different color. Applying the double rib technique. reach to 110 stitches w/ yarn no. 6706. Work 4 cm of 1+1 rib.
2- As of the next row, apply the pattern of the scarf.
3- When beret length is 20 cm. decrease 1 stitch at both sides of 9-purl stitches for 4 cm.
4- When beret length is 24 cm. gather by passing a piece of yarn through the remaining 35 stitches using a needle and join at side.
5- Make the yam no. 6592 as 10-ply, pass it through 1 stitch in the middle of 9-purl stitches as shown in the sketch.
6- Decorate with tassels made of the remaining yarns at its top.7- Attach a pompom to its top w/ yam no. 6706.

Chart for Scarf and Hat Pattern

Chart for scarf and hat pattern

This pattern is a free content distributed by Nako Yarns. Thank you Nako.


  1. On June 14 I asked about stitch count, I received reply asking the problem, I replied with what I thought problem was and it is now July 8 and I have yet to receive an answer

  2. The scarf cast on amount cannot possibly work, the two row pattern repeat is two different stitch counts neither of which come out to 61.