Easy Hoodie Cardigan Pattern For Beginners

Looking for an easy cardigan pattern for 0-3 year old girls? We’re here with a hoodie cardigan, which is very sweet for your daughter. This cardigan looks great with a pair of pom pom hanging from both sides. Learning how to knit a cardigan has never been easier.

The Children’s Hooded Cardigan is an easy and nice hooded cardigan pattern that you can easily pull off with a bit of patience. The awesome hood at the back of the cardigan sets this cardigan apart from other easy knitting patterns and will keep your girl extra warm and toasty.

This loose cardigan still holds its shape, ensuring that your girl looks absolutely gorgeous when you wear it. I can be answering from my blog for your questions about this pattern.

Easy Hooded Cardigan For Girls (0-3 year old)
Easy Hooded Cardigan For Girls (0-3 year old)

Hooded Cardigan Features

  • Skill level: Easy
  • Related Needle Sizes: 3
  • Required materials: 208 (2 Balls), 229 (2 Balls) [Mixture (Materials): 35% Polyamide, 65% Premium AcrylicBall Weight: 100 g, Yarn Length: 336 m], cord
  • Season: Winter, Autumn

How to do hooded cardigan:


Begin from the hoodie and continue knitting with yoke part.

Cast on 96 stitches and work in knit stitch. When the work measures 21 cm, the hoodie part will have been knitted. Rib 2×2 for 2 cm and then for the front body, work as follows: knit 20, yarn over, knit 2, yarn over. For the sleeve, work as follows: knit 11, yarn over, knit 2, yarn over.

For the back body piece, work as follows: knit 26, yarn over, knit 2, yarn over. For the other sleeve, work as follows: knit 11, yarn over, knit 2, yarn over. For the front body, knit 20.

Yarn over 20 more times in every knit stitch row on the parts where it is worked yarn over. Knit 41 stitches that are separated for the front body. And separate 53 stitches for the sleeve, 68 stitches for the back side, 53 stitches for the sleeve, 41 stitches for the front side.

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Increase 2 stitches at both sides of 53 stitches separated for the sleeve and get 57 stitches. Cast off 1 stitch 2 times spacing 4 cm in every row at both sides. When the sleeve measures 26 cm, apply diagram for 2 cm and knit for 1 cm. When the sleeve measures 29 cm, cast off all stitches together and finish off. Knit the other sleeve in the same way.


With respect to 150 stitches, for the front body: knit 41, increase 9; for the back body: knit 68, increase 9; for the other side: knit 41. Knit for 17 cm after the armhole.

Apply the model in the diagram for 2 cm. Knit for 1 cm and then cast off all stitches together, and bind off. Knit 2 cardigans in the same way, each with yarn color no.229 and 208, respectively.

Sew the hoodie on the top. Place one within other and embroider as follows around the sleeve, hemline and neck: insert in the same loop with yarn color no.229, make 1 single crochet stitch, chain 1, make 2 half double crochet stitches, skip 2 and insert in the same loop… Pass 150-cm two colored cord through the ribbing part on the neck. Attach pom pom on the edges.

Chart For Hooded Cardigan
Chart For Hooded Cardigan
Knitting Needle Diagram
Knitting Needle Diagram


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, I would love to try and knit this. may I ask for an explanation for the symbols of the chart at the bottom
    Thank you .

  2. What are the stitches for the rows with yarn over cause when you put yarn over it increases stitches and i cannot get the pattern to work for the shoulders please

  3. Hi Jessica
    What a lovely cardies for a little girl
    Thank you for this pattern, this us just what I’m looking for.
    Can you please tell me the size of this hooded cardigan .
    Kind regards

  4. I am just at the point where I start the yarn over to divide for front, back & sleeves. Am I right in assuming the yarn over row is only on the knit side and then I purl next row with no yarn over? So on the next knit row when I incorporate the yarn over do I keep to the same yarn over =, knit 2 then yarn over again?

  5. I love the look of this pattern and would like to make two for my nieces. What size is the pattern and how do you adjust for sizes from 0 to 3, as the girls would be different sizes?
    You knit two and then see them together, correct?
    Could you please explain the yarn over a little more? Do you knit those yarn over stitches on the next row and then make a new one?
    On the pattern chart, it says the V means side stitch but I cannot find out what that means. Could you help please?