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Collared Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Collared Cardigan Knitting Pattern for Men

We offer a great collared cardigan pattern for men. Did you ever think about knit a collared cardigan for your husband for a long...
Free knit jacket for kids

Children’s Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Dream

We made a nice free knit cardigan pattern for the kids. This child cardigan pattern consisting of 3 different colors and 3...
Mens sweater knitting pattern

Men’s Slim Fit Sweater Knitting Pattern

Last week we shared a nice classic men's sweater pattern, very liked. But we got some messages asking for "slim fit mens...
Crab style crochet cushion pattern

Cute Crab Style Cushion Crochet Pattern

If you like crocheted cushions like me, this pattern is for you. Have you seen these cute crab style cushions before? I...
How to knit sock

How to knit socks

Who does not love to wear knit socks? At the beginning of the human history human being trying to protect their foot from cold...
Fisherman’s Rib Jumper Knitting Pattern Free

Fisherman’s Rib Jumper Pattern

The most striking feature of a traditional Fisherman's rib jumper is the and the cables in the collar and...
Long Cardigan Womens

Easy Cardigan Knitting Patterns for beginners

Women's knitting cardigans are among the favorite clothes. Knitting patterns womens cardigans jackets are so diverse. That's why we frequently publish free knitting patterns,...
Top Down Baby cardigan-knitting pattern

Free baby girls cardigan knitting pattern

A great design for free modern baby cardigan knitting patterns. This is an attractive model for experienced knitters even if it is not an...
Easy Knitted Sweater Pattern

Easy Knitted Sweater Pattern for Women

If you want to both protect yourself from the cold and create your unique style in winter, then this sweater is for you ladies!...
How to knit a rose

How to knit a rose

Would you like to add a little flower when you knit a sweater, cardigan, vest or hat? How to make knitted...

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