This knit tank top pattern reflects the lines of the 80s and is intended for experienced knitters. This is a knitted blouse that you can wear in spring and summer with its sleeveless and slim structure.

It is possible to wear this tank top by combining it with a linen trousers or you may also consider a white shirt underneath. You can also create a casual combin by wearing an jean shorts.

This pattern is a free knitting pattern created by Nako. Number 5 needle and knitted with Pashmina yarn. This pattern contains gauge charts for 36 sizes. You can also try different sizes.


  • Difficulty level: Intermediate
  • Related Needle Sizes: 4
  • Size: 36
  • Required materials: 3129A (2 Balls) Nako Yarns
  • Season: Winter, Autumn

This summer tank top design is not easy and quick to make but the result is great. The top will look cute on you, and I think you’ll love it. Let’s learn how to knit top.

All you need to do is to look carefully the pattern. With a bit of time and effort, you will have this adorable summer top!

How to knit tank top:


The front and back bodies are knitted in the same way. It is cast on 100 stitches and then it is ribbed 1×1 for 12 cm and changed to knit stitch.

After knitting 2 rows, center the stitches and apply the model in the diagram to 31 stitches in the middle. Add 1 stitch to the model in the diagram from both sides of 31 stitches in every row.

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Increase 1 stitch at both sides 8 times spacing 10 rows and have 116 stitches in total. When the body measures 49 cm, cast off 1 stitch at both sides 5+22 times for the armhole.

When the body measures 55 cm, center the stitches for the neck and work 90 stitches in the middle in 1×1 rib. When the body measures 56 cm, cast off all stitches together and bind off.


Pick up 65 stitches on the needle around the sleeve and rib 1×1 for 2 cm and then cast off all stitches together and bind off. Work in the same way around the other sleeve.

Gauges for Tank Top Knitting Pattern
Gauges for Tank Top
Chart For Tank Top
Chart For Tank Top

What is mean this symbols?


  1. Sorry I don’t understand this: cast off 1 stitch at both sides 5+22 times for the armhole. Does it mean that I need to cast of 1 st each end of the row for 27 rows? Its a strange instruction and needs expanding.